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Vivid Video Secretly Shoots Movie with Xander Corvus

I am sick to my stomach over what I heard today. I was so sure what I was being told was just gossip. No way no how any of this “gossip” was true. Just not possible. Boy was I wrong, oh so wrong.

On September 7th Axel Braun tweeted …

Dear Las Vegas, thank you for the crappy food, the heat stroke, and the emphysema-inducing secondhand smoke. Bye.
Lacey Logan responded …

@axelbraun Hmm…must’ve lost your ass. If you had hit a jackpot you’d be loving Las Vegas. At least u always win at the AVN awards. ?
Axel Braun ‏@axelbraun

@MsLaceyLogan LOL no gambling…just shooting


If you scroll back in his timeline you see they started shooting Spiderman XXX 2 on September 4th and the male talent they cast in the lead was none other than Xander Corvus. How in the world do you justify shooting less than 30 days after someone tested positive for HIV in our industry and even worse, that someone had unprotected sex with Xander Corvus during that time??!??!?!?

How irresponsible can you get? What is wrong with you?

Vivid how could you allow such a thing? You are supposed to be a leader in our industry and you allow something like this to take place in your own organization!

When I first heard this rumor I was like no way no how. There is absolutely no way Vivid would ever do anything so seriously irresponsible and careless. But I was wrong.

As a reminder, Xander Corvus had unprotected sex with Cameron Bay just before she tested positive for HIV. Xander Corvus has since tested negative at least one time, possibly twice for HIV but he is also still very much within the window of exposure and it is very possible he may text positive in the near future.

My next question is to the FSC. How is Xander Corvus is freed to work again so soon? IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why isn’t he given a mandatory 60 to 90 day quarantine for the safety of the ENTIRE industry?!?! Why would you ever allow Xander Corvus to return to work? How could you possibly clear him in such a short period of time? YOU KNEW FOR A FACT HE HAD DIRECT EXPOSURE TO SOMEONE WHO JUST TESTED POSITIVE FOR HIV!

Need I remind you that Rod Daily’s initial text, taken the same time Xander Corvus took his also came back negative? So if we would have allowed him to return to work right away, then we would have found out that the very next week when he took another text ON HIS OWN MIND YOU, he tested positive.

We as an industry don’t want government regulation, but we go right out there and do shit like Vivid did and then bitch when the government tries to force us to protect ourselves by using condoms.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid shit in our industry in the last 18 years but this one just cuts the cake.


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