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Vixen Media Group Responds To TRPWL’s Earth Shattering Accusations #Guilty

I asked Vixen a few questions about breaking the MindGeek/Gamma/FSC porn shutdown..

You can tell I channeled my inner Peter Warren, I was firm, yet friendly, the tone was basically, open up Vixen, ill be gentle..

To which they replied;

It took them 27 hours to come up with “No Comment”

No comment is acceptable under very few circumstances

Bosco, If someone gave you 2 million bucks would you let Bill Cosby serve you drinks for 6 hours alone in his bedroom?  No comment…

Tim Von Swine, is it true you had sex with both Erika Icon and Kelli Shibari?  No comment

James Bartholet, is it true they call you Johnny 23? (google that) No comment

Kora Peters, is it true you lied about James Deen raping you? No comment

Vixen, is it true you’re shooting somewhat secretly in Russia? No comment.  Are you shooting in Russia because you want to keep up the illusion you’re abiding by the Mindgeek/Gamma/FSC shutdown?  No comment





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