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Vixen Rep Says TRPWL Is a “Hater”

I would of put this up sooner, but I was busy accepting a major award for my previous Vixen writings .

As the millions, and millions of the TRPWL fans already know, Vixen has been shooting through out the porn shutdown. Oh before I forget, Finally, TRPWL, has come back…….. to WordPress..

As I was saying, Vixen has been trying to stay under the radar by shooting porn in Russia , while publicly pretending like they are honoring the Mindgeek/FSC/Gamma mandatory shutdown..

All Vixen had to say about the shooting allegations was “No Comment

That was until the story made its way to the person in charge of making sure everything ran smooth in Russia, Julia Grandi

Why I never..Talk about down right rude.. Upon learning of this, I was certain she was talking about someone else as grammatical errors aren’t my cup of tea.

After rereading and getting over my awe of my Julia post I realized 2 things, one, TRPWL was very obviously hacked by someone trying to frame TRPWL for grammatical errors, and 4, Julia was in fact talking about the blog that allegedly NO ONE reads .

If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny; Studio makes up phony talent slush fund to help “others’ get thru the shutdown, same studio tells everyone to sit tight, it will all be ok, same studio has been filming secretively in another country the whole time, same studio refuses to comment about breaking rules, then that same studio calls the guy who outed them a “hater”….

Remember this, Vixen could be shooting in Budapest, Julia’s home base,  Budapest opened back up awhile ago, Vixen continued to shoot in Russia because they wanted everyone to think they were abiding by the Midgeek/FSC/Gamma mandatory non-mandatory shutdown. You know the shutdown where PASS isn’t effective because TTS won’t report results?  Yea, look up someone in PASS who who has a TTS test?  Nothing to see here

This truly sounds like a crisis, quick, alert the crisis twitter

If you smell……… what TRPWL is cooking

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