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VOD Provider AEBN Buys Gay Studio

AEBN Acquires Falcon Studios and
Merges with Raging Stallion

Charlotte-based AEBN, the world’s largest adult VOD provider, announced today that it has acquired legendary Falcon Studios and is merging it with Raging Stallion Studios to form the single largest all male erotic production company in the world.  Both studios, along with Naked Sword and the Gunzblazing Affiliate Program will form the gay division of AEBN.  Raging Stallion chief Chris Ward will head up the combined studio.   Current Falcon Studios President James Hansen will stay on as Chief Financial Officer.  Employees of both studios will be integrated into a single staff responsible for the production of nearly 60 new titles per year and over 40 compilation titles. The current Falcon Studios membership site will remain in the Next Door Entertainment network while the current Raging Stallion sites will remain part of Gunzblazing.  DVD distribution channels for both companies will remain the same. All titles from both studios are available for viewing at

“We are all really excited by this merger,” said Ward.  “Falcon and Raging Stallion are two of the top gay brands and merging means we will be able to produce some really good porn!  Falcon has a huge history and I cannot even begin to express what this means to me personally and professionally.  We will raise the bar to new heights, achieving more together than either company could on its own.  I look forward to working with James and the entire Falcon staff as we move forward into the next decade.”

“This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion,” said Hansen.  “Combining the iconic libraries of both studios will offer consumers one of the largest and highest quality catalogs to choose from.  Putting the two companies’ incredibly talented staffs together will bring tremendous creativity and even higher production standards for what is already some of the best quality adult features in the marketplace.”

The combined company brings together 12 major DVD lines, each of which will maintain its own branding.  “Our intent is to keep each of the important Falcon and Raging Stallion brands as individual entities, each with their own look and feel,” commented Ward. The main brands are Falcon, Raging Stallion, Naked Sword’s Golden Gate, Mustang, Jocks, Monster Bang,, Fisting Central, Fetishforce, and Hairyboyz. In addition Hard Friction, Stag Homme, and Edger Nine are affiliated brands released via Raging Stallion.

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