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Tony Batman says- You can only vote for one person in each category. You only get one shot to make a difference in a young ladies feature dancing career. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who to actually vote for and what to tell my lady friends when they ask, did you? Should I lie and say of course I voted for you, we are good friends. Or should I tell the truth and tell them I only get one vote and I don’t want to tell anyone who I actually voted for. Here is the cold hard truth, I will be voting for one of my good friends, and I will refuse to tell anyone who that vote went to. Who ever wins, in their category will be the best of the year. I will applaud them as if my vote put them over the top, no matter who it is.

NL says- Tony, it must be hard to pick one of your friends to vote for when many are in the running. I like several of the girls personally, but I’m gonna be honest, all of the girls are hot, so I’m voting for who IMHO is the sexiest on stage, friendship or not.

Newcommer Feature of the year
Gia Nova
   Rachel Ryder
   Robyn Foxx
   Sequoia Roberts
   Shay Lynn

Adult Movie Feature of the Year-This is a list of the hottest of the hot, all are sexy on stage, I couldn’t narrow it down that way, so I picked the one I would most like to sleep with, lol
   Courtney Cummz
   Gina Lynn
   Jenna Haze
   Jessica Drake
   Katie Morgan
   Stormy Daniels

Club Owners’ Favorite of the Year- Why would I get to vote in this category?
   Brandi Morgan
   Daisy Duxe
   Lucy L’Vette
   Rachelle Laree
   Zoe Britton

  Carmen Hart
   Jada Deville
   Keira Riley

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