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Vote NO on Measure B- T-shirts


My fellow citizens, today we embark on a quest to fight off an oppressive campaign being waged against the Adult Industry. As we here at Adult Wiki Media have done in the past,
we stand with you once again to fight Los Angeles Porn Performers Must Be Forced To Wear Condoms Act, ‘Measure B.” We call on the members of the industry, its fans and supporters, to
join us in this endeavor.

We are currently embarking on a multi stage attack against this government intrusion into the personal liberties, to get the word out to the voters of Los Angeles County, who hold the fate of
the industry in their hands.

First we are offering Vote No on Measure B t-shirts to generate funds for local advertising.The t-shirts will be available through TRPWL.COM and Ebay. Shipping will be included in
the $20 cost, and we expect no longer than a 36 hour turnaround, from order received to order shipped. Adult performers from Spiegler Girls, OC Modeling and Digital Playground
have already offered to sign a limited number of shirts for their fans, in addition to several industry legends. The signed shirts will cost $30, personalized $40, also with shipping included.
The net proceeds will be put towards advertising against Measure B. We currently have car advertisements in the Los Angeles area and more advertising plans are in the works.

We are also organizing a Meet & Greet and public photo opportunity with adult performers. This will give voters a chance to speak with the people the measure will most affect, affording
them open and honest answers which can assist them in making an informed choice in the voting booth. This event is planned for October, so it will be fresh in the mind of Los Angeles
County voters when the time comes for them to cast that all-important vote.

We implore everyone associated with the Adult Industry who resides in LA County, to register to vote, and make your voice heard. Your freedom is under attack by special interests and
a government that believes you cannot think for yourself and do not have the right to make decisions about your own safety. As an industry, you can band together and demand to be
heard. Tell pandering politicians and special interests, “It’s our bodies, and the choice to use condoms is ours.”

We here at Adult Wiki Media pledge to stand with you during this struggle, right up until the last ballot is cast, but we cannot stand alone. Any performer interested in getting on board with the Vote No on Measure B t-shirt sales, please contact Sean, [email protected], and put those Twitter followers to good use. We will provide you with a personal link to our store and will be awarding donated Amazon Gift Cards to the three top sellers.

Even if you are not a member of the adult industry, if you are interested in helping with the Meet & Greet, or by distributing information cards in LA County, please contact us.

Media Contact: Sean Tompkins E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: (210)854-3444 Twitter: @trpwl

Measure B, misleadingly titled the “Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act,” is a law that would mandate condom use on all porn sets, and permit the government to enter private property
without a warrant to inspect the genitals of consenting adults. The measure disregards the fact that the Adult Industry has the most comprehensive and advanced STI testing program on the
planet and tries to paint condoms as a “magic pill” in the prevention of STIs. Proponents of the act claim that it is a “workplace safety issue”, completely ignoring the performer’s ability to
decide what they deem safe to participate in.

Proponents of Measure B are also uninterested in the potential economic impact of the law. As James Lee, spokesman for the No on Government Waste Committee, points out, “The real
impact is going to be felt in the flight of companies and jobs that leave this area because of this measure and the resulting losses in tax revenue and economic activity. I think people will
understand that in a county with 12 percent unemployment, shipping off 10,000 jobs is not a great move for the economy.” Mr. Lee also notes that, if passed, the enforcement of Measure
B would cost the county in excess of $300,000 in yearly administration costs, including salary and benefits for county inspectors. Because the number of permitted shoots in LA County
is likely to drop off because of this measure, the program could start losing money from its launch.

“The people of Los Angeles County can think of a lot better uses for the time of first responders, county health inspectors and other government personnel than hanging around an adult film
shoot checking for condom usage,” said James Lee

It is our position that LA County can find far better uses for the time of first responders and health inspectors, and that taxpayers’ money would be better spent elsewhere.

Adult Wiki Media is not affiliated in any way with the No on Government Waste Committee, the Free Speech Coalition or any other adult industry organization or company.

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