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Voting for the AVN Awards

THREE! Alice In Wonderland movies!

NL-Well I went into my AVN awards account yesterday to do my priliminary voting. You don’t just pick one winner, you have to put all the noms in order from best to worst. That’s really tough. In many situations there were so many good people/movies that is really hard to choose who should be put ahead of whom. And in a few categories, I felt like, well they are all equally bad, lol. But overall  I think AVN got it right as they always do, as to who should be nominated. Yeah, there are a few people/movies I think should be on a list that aren’t and there are a few that I don’t think deserve to be there. But lets be realistic, that’s my opinion. Wading through all the performers, directors, sex scenes etc in (I’m guessing) 10,000 movies is a hell of a job. And the AVN team did a great one. 

So my first time through the whole voting site took about three hours. I will watch a few movies I missed this weekend and go back and redo my votes. Hopefully by Monday I will be have made all my decisions and be ready to cast my final votes. It’s tough though. In many categories there are a couple people that deserve to be at the top, and only one can get the award. And an AVN award in any category is a big notch on the belt for a performer or company. But certain categories, like Performer of the Year & New Starlet of the Year can change people’s life and financial future for the better. So I take this job very seriously…..

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