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Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) Loves Too Much

HungLo posts on XPT: “I have been arround Chico almost every day for a year and half now. I have personally seen Haley faded to the point where she can barely function on numerous occasions. Over the year since Chico had been together with her the only thing he had been trying to do was to help her out of the shit hole situations she was in and to get her off the drugs. It was a struggle for her and especially him emotionally, and financially. I told the detectives I would testify in court under oath for my words. To be honest, I would break down to if I spent so much effort trying to help someone I care very much for and finding out that person I love had not changed a bit from the old habbits.”

Joe writes: “Volt’s story about seeing Rob Black on the news and wanting to help him out with his campaign for mayor is utter bull he applied at several other companies with a formal resume as a webmaster including Evil Angel. I’ll see what i can do about getting you a copy. Extreme was where he could find an in. It was not where he wanted to be.”

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