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I do believe this is going to be more fun then I thought just reading the first official post about something you’ve already spun wrong.

1st – You don’t remove a part owner. You buy him out, you alter his role, you can attempt a number of adjustments but it’s not something someone gets “fired” from. Further, the role of PD is responsible for the on-air staff, talent grooming, show development, etc. Lack of promotions is out of anyone’s control aside from those who funded the kitty. And trust me my friend, getting a Sparklets account was an issue. Traffic is the responsibility of the web team. The on-air staff’s role is to be entertaining enough to keep them once they arrive. And when there are nightly technical issues, higher ups that are willing to burn fans, clients and loyal servants who gave them their product….its pretty tough keeping morale up.

Don’t assume or accept ANY reason or assumption as to why things are as they are. There was no “CAUSE” in my employment termination. Technically it was illegal.

It was two partners who disagreed heavily about the direction, policies and ethics involved to move to the next level.

The immature public firing was part of a short sighted pissing match in which the gentlemen who thought he did a big and powerful thing today will very soon regret as his actions broke a binding legal agreement, labor laws and a bevy of other crossed lines that he has no legal recourse to take. If I wanted to go to work tomorrow night, legally, as owner…and even as employee…I’m within my rights to do so.

It’s easy to hate the loud mouth on the radio cuz ya don’t think he’s funny or not your style, but ask any KSEXer from today back to six years ago who kept the game fair, morally acceptable and always about fairness to his staff…all while creating everything that IS KSEX with the help of a small group of hand picked talented folks who saw the vision and helped realize it.

I considered Joe a friend and ally over the years. And even with Belinkie’s childish, self-embarrasing actions, would still. But his comments in the chat room, their choice to force an old friend into an uncomfortable spot live on the air and their approach and blatent disrespect of the history, foundation, effort and relationship building success of the man who brought it all together…to out him like a person who did the company wrong…that says it all my friend.

Welcome to the REAL NEW KSEX. Bring a condom, they ain’t checkin’ for tests!

*Big News and Announcement Monday. Stay tuned…

PS: If you’re gonna write “WANKUS WAS UNAVAILABLE FOR COMMENT” and try to slightly appear Ted Koppelish….do me a favor…try contacting me for comment first. Cheesy high school journalism shit was so Porn 90s. People are getting both sides now since Yahoo Addys are so easy to make.

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