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Wanna Make Their Wishes Come True?

My grandfather always used to say “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one you get first.”

So when it comes to things like Amazon’s wish lists, his point of view has always tainted mine. Who buys a gift for someone they have never met, probably never will meet? Lots of people I’m told. I was talking to some of my friends ( who happen to be porn stars/cam girls etc)  on twitter a couple months back about this very subject. Many told me about often receiving gifts from their fans and site members.

I collected some of their gift lists and checked them out, some were impressive and expensive, some were cute and sexy, and some were  girl next door ish, just like the girls themselves. One chick told me that she just likes to shop and making and updating her Amazon wish list was FUN!

I’m not going to lie, I do have a wish list, but it has always been something that was for my family and friends to look at and get ideas of what to buy me at holiday time or for my birthday.  It never occurred to me to put it out in public. And frankly if you guys saw it you would definitely laugh at what’s on it. I am truly the geeky, hippy chick I appear to be.

I guess it’s just the way I was raised but telling everyone what you want them to buy you seems tacky. But if it works and they do buy you things, why not, right?

Some of the girls said that their fans want to buy them things, having a list means that they get something they want, instead of something they don’t. Makes sense to me.

What do you all think about wish lists? I’m really curious about this. And since I will be (gag, choke, this is a hard number to say) FORTY next week, maybe I should post my wish list all over the web/forums/porn sites… who knows what rich people are out there just waiting for me to tell them what I want!

If you HAVE a wish list, or buy gifts for people from their wish lists, I’d love for you to comment. Thank you!


If you click on the names below you will go to their wish list, plus I c&p’d  excerpts of our chat-

Noname Jane

Evelyn Cates
i usually like to make fansigns, topless/nude photos, or videos as thank yous

Dia Zerva 

Satine Phoenix

KylieCallMe Do phone sex girls count as “industry”? I have *quite* a wishlist…almost 500 items gifted & counting ?

Angel Vain Someone just bought my MAC off of it ?  I never met the guy. He’s just a fan. We had a few friendly myspace chats. I said I wanted one for working on my blogs, website and forums. I don’t know if he has any other reasons. I love all my fans and over the last year I’ve gotten lots of gifts from them :)I usually send 8×10’s with the items that I have been given along with a personalized thank you card. But this guy will get a lil gift basket of goodies as well ?

Diamond James lol I’m curious about this story! Good pickup line ?
I think it’s the fantasy come to life literally of buying something for a lady and maybe watching her use or wear an item on cam or in vids
It’s very personal and intimate without actually meeting etc. Even if just a book etc, they know you are using it because they got it 4 u!

 Allie Haze


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