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Wanna Talk to a Sexy Demon?

Verified Call Brings Beelzebabe to Life

(San Francisco, CA) Gentlemen Comics is partnering with Verified Call to bring to life characters from their highly successful adult comic books. The first virtual character debuting is Beelzebabe, a naïve college girl named Brooke Tynes, who brings out her inner demon when she orgasms. Fans of Beelzebabe can call her live and direct, and have their burning questions answered. The voice of Beelzebabe will be none other than Cosplay model and fantasy cam girl, Leia Down. Find out more by clicking on her Verified Call page,

 “I’m excited to be working with Verified Call, because it gives an extra layer to the Beelzebabe character,” says Gary Cockerell, Presidential Mascot. “Fans of our most popular online adult graphic novel can now call and talk to Beelzebabe herself for a nominal fee. Our fans are jumping at the chance to put a voice to the images—it just makes that bit more real.”

 “We’re thrilled to be working with Gentlemen Comics, as they’re widely respected in the industry and they’ve been great to work with,” says Kurt Vogner, President of Verified Call. “We’re looking forward to giving a voice to upcoming characters within their titles.”

 Verified Call will be introducing more comic book stars from Gentlemen Comics, and is also considering characters from mainstream comic books, gaming and fantasy.

 To find out more about Gentlemen Comics, visit their website,

Signing up for Verified Call is easy. Visit and complete an online application. Performers, talent agencies, studios, adult-oriented companies and webmasters can sign up for Verified Call.

 All requests media inquiries about Verified Call should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at [email protected]

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