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Wanna Win Dinner with Mariah? or Obama?

The Obama campaign copied my contest!!!!!!!

The Obama campaign launched a new marketing campaign with a
contest called “Dinner with Barak” where the winner gets round
trip flight hotel and dinner with Mr Obama.

If that sounds eerily familiar that’s because Porn Veteran Mariah
Milano is in her second month of her monthly contest “Dinner with
Mariah” with the EXACT same terms for the winners!

Mariah tells us, “I was reading the Huffington Post when this
banner caught my eye that said “Dinner with Barack” and I nearly
fell over backwards! I couldn’t believe it! I clicked the banner
and read what the winner gets and the flight and hotel and dinner
is my exact contest, except of course I am not the president!”
Mariah laughs. “I was just so surprised and immediately fired off
an email to the campaign so that will be interesting to see if
they reply and what they will have to say about it.”

Milano has over 100,000 twitter followers and has been promoting
her contest for 7 weeks so it could have very easily been seen by
someone in the Obama campaign. “I would just like to hear someone
in politics own up and give some credit and say ‘Fuck yes that was
a great idea and we used it too rather than the denial or silence
I am expecting”. is a monthly running contest to have dinner
with the recently retired porn star.

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