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Want to Contribute to a BBC Documentary on Pornography?

Roughcut TV is making a series of documentaries for the BBC (in the UK) and are looking at key issues that are affecting young adults. The first documentary is about pornography and sex education. With stories constantly in the media about the damaging affect that easier access to porn is having, they want to look behind the headlines and give young people a voice and an opportunity to discuss these issues from their own point of view. They want to know what they think about porn, sex education and sexting. If you want to talk to them and feel you have a unique insight on pornography then you should contact Lindsey via email at [email protected] or @RoughCutTVDocs via twitter. They are looking to talk to people about a variety of angles on porn including those who love it and hate and those who have opinions about those under age looking at porn on the internet. They are open to talking to parents and porn stars alike so let your opinion be heard and contact these guys.

Roughcut TV is one of the fastest growing independent television production companies in the UK. Specializing in scripted comedy and entertainment have produced shows for all the major broadcasters. Established in 2007, they are best known for producing the multi award winning series’ The Office and The IT Crowd, as well as executive producing Look Around You and Bo Selecta, Roughcut Television continues the tradition of creating high quality comedy and comedy drama.

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