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War Machine Fight-1st Hand Account of What REALLY Happened

I talked to someone at the party and they gave me a first hand account of what they saw concerning the War Machine fight. Here’s the scoop…

How did all these people get hurt by War Machine?
When I got out there about 5 people were trying to calm War Machine down. No one was threatening him in any way, just saying things like “no one wants any trouble. Let’s just calm down here”.


What was WM doing?
WM was walking back and forth with his fists clenched.


Then he suddenly started hitting everyone around him. Most of the people he hit were just standing around, not really part of the action.


WM ran up and hit Glen in the jaw. Then he ran around attacking anyone he could see. He was chasing Derek and Josh Hunter tried to step in and calm him down, and he hit josh. 

Then he tracked down Derek and knocked him down.


How did the fight start? I heard WM hit Alanah, but she says he didn’t.   I did not see WM hit alanah so I can’t speculate on that one. I’m not sure exactly how it started.

WM was being very aggressive with the women at the party and someone may have said something.


Who got hurt & what happened? I heard that Derek was taken to the hospital.
Alec Knight went to the hospital. Danny from Wanted List has a broken nose. The ones I know of are Josh, Derek, Alec, Danny, Glen, and there was one other guy who wants to remain anonymous. He probably hit another 3-4. Derek is not in the hospital.


How did Alec end up in the hospital?
Alec was just a bystander who got hit for no reason. Then he hit the ground and gashed his head open…


Was Derek the target? I keep hearing that WM was chasing him.
I don’t think Derek was the target. I think WM was off on a wild rampage and saw Derek and went after him.

Did anyone hit WM back? Or throw any punches back?
Josh Hunter was the only one I saw gets shots back at WM. Derek may have gotten a couple in. The rest were WM hitting and then moving on.

Are charges filed against WM? People are definitely pressing charges. There were a lot of witnesses.  We all gave our info to the police. It was not self defense.

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