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War Machine In Trouble in Georgia

NL-Jon, I’d love to hear your side of this…


Atlanta…sucks…needed that cash! Bummed, but I’ll be better soon. Keep you guys posted.
about 21 hours ago via web
infection….sucks. Pretty sure it came in through this nast lil’ hole in my knee. Anyway, not gonna be bale to fight this weekend in
about 21 hours ago via web
Been feeling really shitty the last week didn’t know why. Finally went into the Urgent Care yesterday. Results came back with staph


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War Machine — the controversial MMA fighter turned porn star — is in big trouble in Georgia, after he backed out of an upcoming brawl … through his Twitter page.

Machine (yes, that’s his legal name) was scheduled to get in the ring at Wild Bill’s Fight Night in Duluth, GA tomorrow night … but claims he came down with a staph infection that will prevent him from kicking ass.

The fight promoter tells TMZ that instead of dealing with his situation “professionally” — returning calls, emails, etc — Machine simply posted a message on his Twitter page stating that he was out of the fight.

Now, the Georgia State Athletic and Entertainment Commission is coming down on Machine — suspending the fighter indefinitely for breach of contract.

So far, calls to WM have not been returned.

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