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War Machine Tells Me His Side of the Story- Exclusive Interview

Since everyone has spoken about what happened at the party held for Glenn & Brooke’s birthday, and told their sides of the story, (one point of view is here  it’s only fair that War Machine get to tell his. I sent these questions to WM on Monday, Nov 30th. The answers are up to the minute. I received the answers from WM at 10:30am PST today. (Thursday Dec 3)

Cindi: Well the first rumor to clear up is- That the fight started because you hit Alanah Rae. Did you hit her? Were you two fighting? What were you fighting about?
WM: No I did not hit Alanah. We were not fighting. We are not bf/gf, we are friends and hang out often and are BOTH very confused as to how this accusation came about.

Cindi: How & why did the fight start?
WM: I was outside talking to a guy I met a week ago named Daniel and was suddenly swarmed by Derek and 6–10 other guys. They were telling me that I hit Alanah and they were cursing at me saying that if that is true I’m gonna get fucked up. I told them I had no idea what they were talking about and told them to even ask Alanah. They persisted and grew more and more angry the more I denied it. They began to circle around me and I was sure I was gonna get fucked up because I was so heavily out numbered and that’s when we started fighting.

Cindi: Who did the fight start with first?
WM: I don’t know. Someone lunged forward at me in my peripheral vision and I turned and hit him as he did.

Cindi: How did you end up hitting 5-7 guys?
WM: Once the initial blows were thrown I continued to punch anyone that came towards me that I thought was a threat. I was working my way toward my car and everywhere I looked there were angry people trying to block me off. At one point even a girl, I think Brooke Haven, was punching me in the head…lol

Cindi: Did any of them get any punches in?
WM: I got hit a couple of times from the back and side but Brooke is the one who got the most punches in on me…haha…but that’s only because I didn’t hit her back. I actually really liked Brooke and was sad that I was involved in a fight that ended up ruining her party.

Cindi: Do you think drinking escalated the problems?
WM: Yes definitely. I think if everyone was sober they would have not rushed to me and surrounded me so aggressively. I think they would have slowed things down and would have done the smart thing first which would be to ask Alanah if anything had happened. Then if Derek (my agent) was sober and rational he could have simply pulled me aside and asked me what, if anything, had happened. This situation was a huge misunderstanding that could have been easily resolved. I can’t say that I blame them tho. If I had been in the party and heard that someone hit Alanah I too would have probably done the irrational thing and went to attack the person accused. BUT after later learning that it was untrue I would have felt very stupid and would have tried my best to apologize to that person. Either way this is why I am not angry with any of the guys that rushed me. They THOUGHT they were protecting Alanah and she is my friend so I can appreciate that. The only person I am upset with is Derek. He was my agent as well as hers and I think he handled the entire situation very innapropriately.

Cindi: Did you have too much to drink?  Were there any drugs involved?
WM: I had some drinks just like everyone else. It was a party. But I did not drink too much. I knew I had to drive so I was not going overboard. I would have reacted the same way sober. At anytime in my life if a group of men surrounds me angry and are threatening me and making me nervous I will do my best to fight them off sober or drunk. It is my right to keep myself safe.

Cindi: Next rumor- You were on steroids, other drugs, things with initials (lol)
WM: I have been accused of taking steroids since the 8th grade. I began lifting weights with my father when I was 12. I have worked out my whole life and for the past 8 years have been a professional athlete. I am supposed to be built like this, anyone with my training regimen and discipline would be. EVERY fight I get tested for all drugs including steroids and GH. I have never failed. I fought 6 times THIS YEAR and passed every test.

Cindi: Why was Derek Hay one of the people you hit? It was also said that you chased him around?

WM: Derek was one of the people I hit because he was the leader of the pack that rushed me and surrounded me. When you take out the leader in any pack the rest will lose morale. It is a military strategy. When I am being attacked by 10 people I am at war and will try to stay alive.

Cindi: Do you think the people you hit, deserved to be hit?
WM: I think that every person that I hit was a threat to me and my safety so in that regard they deserved to be hit. On the other end I think the real problem here is the asshole that spread the rumor that Alanah was hit. He is the one truly responsible for everyone’s injuries and the entire misunderstanding. The people rushing me were only looking out for her…they believed that I hit her and if that was in fact true then I believe they would have been right to attack me. BUT seeing as it wasn’t true they were wrong.

Cindi: You hit Glen, the guy whose birthday it was and you hit Alec Knight who hit his head on the sidewalk, and Danny from Wanted List has a broken nose, and some guy lost teeth, do you have any regret? Do you want to apologize to any of these people? Do you want to say anything to Brooke Haven whose birthday it also was?
WM: I have no idea who I hit. If they were hit then they were one of the people who rushed me. I am sorry for the misunderstanding that led to their injuries but I will never apolgize for protecting myself when I thought I was in danger. I have zero regrets. Had I not been able to fight them off and would have been beaten severely is a lot worse to me than proving my innocence. I have apologized to Brooke via text message several times. NOT because I did anything wrong but because I was part of something that ruined her party. I liked her and thought she was a very sweet girl. I even came to the party early to help blow up balloons and set things up. I’m a nice guy and everyone would still think so if not for the bulshit misunderstanding and the asshole that started the lie about Alanah.

Cindi: Why did you leave the party?
WM: I left the party because I had people coming at me from every angle and I didn’t wanna run out of luck and end up finally being toppled.

Cindi: Where did you go?
WM: After the party I went to my friends house to have a beer and relax.

Cindi: Do you have any injuries?
WM: No “injuries” my right elbow hurts and I had a few bumps on my head but that’s it.

CIndi: Today is your birthday, how did you spend it?
WM: My birthday was Nov 30th I spent it my favorite way…naked with a hot chick…lol

Cindi: What does your lawyer say about the incident?
WM: My lawyer says not to worry. That it will be very easy to show that this was self defense.

Cindi: Next rumor- you are on probation, because you beat up someone at Krave/ a gay club/a gym ( depending on who you listen too), and this incident is going to put you in jail for a long time. What parts of that statement are true?
WM: I have trial in January for a fight that I got into at Krave with a fellow employee. He was the doorman there and is 6’5” and weight over 300lbs. He thought he could kick my ass and was wrong so he called the cops. It will be another easy case to win via self defense. I will not be going to jail for a long time for any of this crap. Just because I am a pro fighter and have a name for myself when I am involved in an incident it draws a lot of attention. It does not mean that I am not allowed to protect myself against opponents 3 times my size or against groups of 10 men.

Cindi: Are you turning yourself in?
WM: My lawyer is talking to the police to arrange my interview and book & release.

Cindi: Are you going to do anything differently now in your life so things like this don’t happen again?
WM: The only thing I need to do differently is not put myself in environments where trouble can happen. I thought I was safe at the party. I thought Brooke was my friend and I thought Derek was too. I felt safe going there. I never thought that Derek would have chosen to handle things this way.

Cindi: Are you done with the porn industry?
WM: Hell no. I enjoy this business and I am a natural at performing. I just did a scene yesterday Dec 2nd..=)

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