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War Machine & the FBI

NL-Someone reported War Machine. He was spouting off the other night on Twitter. When I asked him about it the next day he said he was just drunk.Here are some of the tweets that got him reported- you can see the time stamp on them, they are in reverse order and I took out anything that wasn’t relative to the subject. Also this is only his side of the conversation-

    @JillAlexandra Yes it is….Kill everyone against me and then myself…happy camper.
   @warmachinne You should pray and pray you never meet me faggot. 3:54 AM Nov     

       I give it 3 years tops till I decide to end this life. All you mother fuckers against me will go first, thats a promise. Sleep on that. 3:50 AM Nov 20th

    If I shed a tear in life it’s because I was born too late. Not in a time where I could live to my potential…I deserve glory. 3:37 AM Nov 20th
        When I am ready to die I will kill many and I will then kill myself and I will tape it. It will be rad. 3:31 AM Nov 20th
        What makes you think you’re safe when I HATE myself? 3:21 AM Nov 20t

  “This will not be over quickly…u will not enjoy this!” HAHHAHAAHAHA! 3:13 AM Nov 20th
@BoredStripper lol..what the hell are you talking about? I’m watching 300 and pissed and getting fired the fuck up! 3:04 AM Nov 20th
@KendallGrove Your brotha WM getting fired up! Before I die make a list and I’ll take them out also! 3:00 AM Nov 20th

     I’m gonna make a list and check that shit way more than TWICE! 2:58 AM Nov 20th
     But before I die I’m gonna take ALOT of people out first….trust that. 2:58 AM Nov 20th
   FUCK! I can’t wait till’ I fucking DIE! 2:49 AM Nov 20th
 Really fucking pissed right now! 2:47 AM Nov 20th WM will always HATE everyone. I DGAF about anything but my VERY FEW friends. NOTHING matters to me. DGAF real talk. Will kill.No regrets. 2:46 AM Nov 20th 

I dont know why people think I GIVE A FUCK! I don’t! I do what I want always have always will! Fuck you! Bring it. No matta none! 2:29 AM Nov 20th
 And just FYI all u faggs that wann atalke shit behind my back…suck it! Step up, I’ll smash you all. Trust that. You know who u are. 2:12 AM Nov 20th
  @AmateurPOVs I hate partys Ill wanna beat someone up! 2:00 AM Nov 20th
 I miss my buddy Ryan Bates! SEAL Team HOOYAH!! Killin women and children in Afghanistan! =) 1:46 AM Nov 20th
  “Break yo self niggas!!!” Just busted out the airsoft on Riley Evans’ windo! HAHAHAHAAHAH! 1:36 AM Nov 20th
  @TapouT_Crooklyn Have u seen any of my scenes yet!? Go look at my weenie! hahah! 1:21 AM Nov 20th
 @TapouT_Crooklyn Been well…..dick is hard and ready gonna fight in Jan tooo! 1:12 AM Nov 20th f
Just FYI I’m not “racist” but if you happen to piss me off I will call you words that are NOT PC!….HAHAHAHA! 11:47 PM Nov 19th
@thegrimrogers Big gay negro huh? Go figure.. 11:43 PM Nov

@thegrimrogers Motherfucker I get paid to fuck. And before this I got more pussy than ur ugly ass ever seen. Stop writing me ur lame as shit 11:42 PM Nov 19        


@thegrimrogers If you were my weight or I was yours I’d smash you…you are garbage dude..u got a lucky break. 11:40 PM Nov 19th f

WHy is @thegrimrogers big DUMb black ass talking shit to me? He SUCKS….just hits hard like anyone else who weighs 260 plus 11:40 PM Nov 19th

@thegrimrogers How’d u get into fighting cuz u suck…just a big ole guy that swings hard…Heavyweights are so 11:36 PM Nov 19th
       @Jenfidel SO I hear you are a REAL CUNT!??? 11:31 PM Nov 19th
       @Tigervamp Actually he was black so his wounds didn’t I won but looked worse for the wear! 11:26 PM Nov 19th
    @DylanRileyXXX lol…fuck a law Im an anarchist and DGAF! =p 11:25 PM Nov 19th


@xoTopangaFox No one wants to go to ur site unless they can watch me fucking you on it! Pay me biatch! 11:24 PM Nov 19th     .      


@xoTopangaFox cuz its unnecessary and dumb and gets everywhere…OVERRATED like FAKE tits! BOOO! 11:20 PM Nov 19th

  I love drinking and being stupid….=) 11:12 PM Nov 19th from web
  @isismonroe lol..I prefer WHORE Machine!! 11:05 PM Nov 19th
@isismonroe lol….I wanna bruise everyone up all the time! hahahahah! 11:03 PM
 @xoTopangaFox Look whos talkin loooser! 11:00 PM Nov 19th from we


@yochristie’s true War Machine isn’t down with the ebonics! hahah! 10:59 PM Nov   @yochristie I don’tlike that “no homo” shit…kiinda niggerish. 10:56 PM Nov 19th
    From Sake to jack and coke! 10:52 PM Nov 19th f
        @isismonroe Stop doin drug deals on Twitter! hahahah! 10:52 PM Nov 19th
        Villa is some jew guy that fixes and build shit on tv! lol 10:16 PM Nov 19th 
        @MalloryRaexxx lol…thought u were busy trying to be Bob Villa and shit?
        Why is it that my boy and I are at my place drinking alone in boardshorts ready to go in jacuzzi and we have NO GIRLS!? wtf!? 10:10 PM Nov 19th from web

Here’s what he had to say today about his meeting with the FBI-

Thanks to whatever dick head told on my drunken Tweets the other night!! Now I have to go meet 2 FBI agents in 20 minutes!!! HAHAHAAHAH!

You Haters! Jeeze isn’t my life interesting…I’m gonna meet these 2 dudes and then gym it. If I’m not Tweeting in 3 hrs I’m in jail…=(lol

The War Machine is back from FBI meetings, gym workouts and tanning! HAHAHAAHA! My HATERS will stop at no ends to fuck with me…funny.

The FBI enjoyed my company and were actually big UFC fans and want to thank whichever hater it was for the opportunity to be able to meet me

Just one of my many haters called them and said they think I’m gonna go on a killing spree so I had to meet up. It’s all good! lol

No such thing as freedom of speech on Tweet! lol..


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