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War Machine- “Who hates Derek and wants to be my agent?”

War Machine admits to fight and posting bail on his twitter account ( remember it’s in reverse order, newest first)

@Travola83 WM ain’t dead yet buddy! Still plenty of fighting and fucking to do..) about 8 hours ago

@xxxgeorgiajones least ur not gonna go to jail!! =p about 8 hours ago 

@xxxgeorgiajones Exactly why I got in a fight last night! And no I have never met you but if everyone thinks it we might as well now! lol about 8 hours ago

@MrTeagan lol..all good dude. about 8 hours ago from web in reply to MrTeagan

@MrTeagan lol..dude whoever tweeted that must is a…trouble makers bro…I know it wasn’t u. about 8 hours ago 

I love wasting money on bail….lol about 9 hours ago

Tired….depressed today…ugh. Need some ice cream…yumm. about 9 hours ago

What to do? Wait and let someone craxk me first? lol..I think not. Fuck all you fucks. about 13 hours ago

Ya’ll can say what you want but when you got 5 guys drunk and in your face pissed about some BS that ain’t even true what am I supposed about 13 hours ago 

@KeiranLee lol…yeah I know! I wish u could have knocked me out before anything happened! fuck…haha about 13 hours ag

@KeiranLee lol…I’m all good. Bad night…got a lotof BS to deal with now… about 13 hours ago

@DarrylHanahxxx Keep my name out of your mouth. You don’t know what was going on. about 14 hours ago 

Who hates Derek and wants to be my agent?? lol about 14 hours ago 

@patdivilly Shit…I’m trying….failing about 14 hours ago

Fuck….last night was NOT good…lil’ misunderstanding and then WM was back in effect and the bodies hit the floor. I’m fucked….lol about 14 hours ago 

Alright Tweet at u freaks later! Got partying to do! =) 10:42 PM Nov 28th

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