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Was Lana Rhoades in A Prison Gang? #SheStillSucks #LanaRhoades

To begin with, I can’t stand Lana. She’s just another in a long line of ex-performers who get bigger than the industry, talk about how terrible it is, but still use their porn name..

Porn made her a millionaire, paid for all her surgeries, helped her command a very high HOURLY rate, got her a sugar daddy, and landed her several rich boyfriends..

She was a certifiable nutjob long before she started in porn. She left porn, came back to porn, and left again..She has NO ONE to blame but herself…

She hates porn so much, she still has an Onlyfans. Fucking waste of space.

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time with arrests unless its Jessy Jones, but I couldn’t pass this up…

And FYI, Minors, don’t go to prison, they go to a juvenile detention center, unless they are certified to stand trial as an adult..Lana wouldn’t pass adult certification now, much less when she was 16


@ba9e0??#fyp? #lanarhoads #prison #noahbeck #brycehal? original sound – ba9e0


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