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A Technological Milestone Now Lets Users Pay Once, Play Anywhere and Stream onto their TV Screens

March 7, 2011 — VAN NUYS, Calif. — A consistent front-runner in technology and content delivery, Digital Playground is proud to announce that it is now the first Adult Entertainment company to fully support AppleTV’s AirPlay Enhancement in iOS4.3. AirPlay is wireless technology that allows users to stream content from their iPhone, iPod or iPad to their AppleTV and onto their TV screens.

“We want to create the best content, and have it available in every way possible,” says Joone, Digital Playground’s Founder. “We’re excited that we can offer so many choices that allow our consumers to view their adult entertainment any way they want.”

For example, the trailer from Digital Playground’s new movie “Top Guns” can be streamed to iPhones, iPod or iPads. Using AppleTV’s AirPlay technology, the trailer can then immediately be streamed onto their TV screen.

Digital Playground CEO Samantha Lewis says the same technology applies to new releases on VOD, trailers and our membership sites. “Someone can buy one of our movies and instead of just watching it on their iPhone, iPad or laptop, they can now enjoy it from the comfort of their couch. Even our live video chats with our contract stars can be streamed live onto the TV screen!”

The technology is groundbreaking, and so is Digital Playground’s ability to fully take advantage of it. “The forward-thinking approach that our company has toward technology allows us to stay ahead of the curve so that when enhancements like this come along, we’re already in a position to implement them,” says Joone.


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