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Watch, Report & Get Yelled At! Topic #1- Stephanie Swift

When someone makes a video ( Stephanie Swift) for a biased organization ( XXX Church), someone  (LIB & LN Writer Jon) watches the Video and he reports on  what is there, what is seen, what is said and gives you a link to watch it for yourself, there isn’t much clearer picture or better job he ( Jon) can do.

Nica Noelle doesn’t like Jon’s write up, (doesn’t like Jon either) and shares her insight, her “personal knowledge” of Stephanie Swift’s life, along with why Stephanie is motivated to do what she did. Must consider this an OP/ED. My source for Nica’s words is her post she placed yesterday on a PUBLIC forum board called 

Nica Noelle Writes-I can speak a little more freely on this forum. I can’t stand how that idiot Jon Catt/furfamily is always posting links and making his dumb sensationalistic “headlines” and stirring the shit. I really wish he’d find something to do with his time other than try to create drama andgossip about people he doesn’t know.

So here’s the truth as I know it from my close, long-term friendshipwith Stephanie. And I just spoke to her at length about all of this last night, by the way.

1. Stephanie has always been very religious. She hasn’t “converted.” She was always a big believer in God and wrote a lot about her faith in Jesus even when she was still performing. I know because she’d let
me read her writing.

2. She told me two things about that interview: 1) that the xxx church”selectively edited” the interview to make it sound a lot more negative toward the industry than she intended, and b) she feels she’s
under a lot of pressure right now to denounce her past to some degree.

She confirmed that she has mixed feelings about a lot of the things that were going on in her life “off camera,” and that influenced her decisions and judgment at certain times. She confirmed that when she
looks back she remembers being a lost soul who was in a lot of pain. And I will confirm, as someone who was very close to her for her final years in Adult, that she was not leading a particularly healthy or
positive lifestyle. And that had a lot to do with the people around her. Stephanie is a fragile, giving soul who tries to take care of everyone, and she had a lot of people around her who were taking advantage of that and working her way too hard.

I will tell you that the “Stephanie Swift” I observed was one of the most gifted, natural performers I’d ever seen, and it was easy to tell that she loved it and got a great deal of satisfaction from it. But were there other things going on in her life that weren’t so good? Yes. Did her family disown her the entire time she was in Adult, which filled her with shame, and does she very much want to make sure she keeps their love and support now? Yes. (Even though one family member still won’t allow her any contact with her nieces and nephews because of her past. In fact, even when Stephanie was going through chemotherapy this family member would not “forgive” her for having been in porn and offered ZERO love and support.)

Keep in mind that the world (and many porn star’s families), give a round of applause to anyone who comes out of the industry denouncing it and confessing how ashamed they are of themselves. That’s what everyone wants to hear.

I asked Stephanie if there was anything I could tell fans who are asking about her and are concerned about her and she said “Yes. Tell them that I’m saying what I have to say to survive. I have to give my life over to God because God and family is all I have left.”

She is struggling financially, as there is very little help for those of us in Adult who fall upon hard times or illness. It’s not too hard to understand, then, why so many leave here feeling that they wasted
their time.

NL_ I have more to say about this, questions to ask, and I would like to hear from Stephanie to see if How Nica Noelle explains this is an this is an accurate portrayal of her feelings.I would also iike to hear from the XXXChurch on their editing practices & relationship with Stephanie, along with my readers who donated money to this whole thing. Boy do I have more to say…

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