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We Could Be – Is Mike McPadden A Gateway Drug?

Alix is not used to being interviewed with her clothes on.

I call her at noon Aug. 23. I did not realize that I had interviewed her almost a year ago. Audio

Luke: “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Alix: “A fashion designer. I wanted to be Chanel.”

Luke: “How would your best friends in high school describe you?”

Alix: “As a rebel. I liked to dance. Boy crazy. Drama queen. I was always outspoken about sex.”

Luke: “How many people have you had sex with in your life?”

Alix: “Last time you asked, I said 40. Now I would say 100.”

“I enjoy having the experience. I like having the number high. It’s almost status. It’s kinda demented but it goes along with my personality.”

Luke: “When did you start getting naked for public consumption?”

Alix: “Maybe two years ago. I started sending stuff to DrunkenStepfather and he would post it and people would comment and I’d read it. I usually got flattering comments. I liked the attention. I’m kinda an attention freak. It made me feel more confident. It made me want to do it. It made me feel good about doing it.”

Luke: “Are you a sex addict?”

Alix: “No. Sometimes I go a week without having it.”

“When I’m in a relationship, I do like monogamy.”

“I’ve never had a crush on anybody I’ve worked with. I don’t go in there thinking, ‘I’m going to find a husband today.’”

Alix has done 20 hardcore scenes.

“I’ve never had luck in love before so I need to make money for myself. I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m trying to establish a career. My love life was f—ed up before I even got into this.”

Luke: “So you’d rather have a thousand fans than one husband?”

Alix: “Yeah. I’d rather have money than a husband.”

Luke: “Are you proud of your Adult work?”

Alix: “Yeah.”

“The one thing I’m most proud of is that I show up, I’m sober, and responsible. I know what I’m doing. I’m good at it and I make the people I work for happy. And I get paid.”

Luke: “Does this take great skill?”

Alix: “Yes. There’s so much pornography that anybody could do it. What I do is more specialized. I go in and I act. You have to have stamina, energy. You have to be fit. Even the big girls have to be fit. It does take skill. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just lie on your back.”

Luke: “Do you see yourself doing this type of work in ten years?”

Alix: “Yeah. I do have big goals.”

“The first nude pictures I ever took were for Mike [McPadden]. I made him a little book. He gave me the confidence. He gave me the nudge to get into Adult. He didn’t tell me to do Adult films but he certainly made me feel I could. He’s proud of me.”

Luke: “What is he proud of?”

Alix: “That I’m a good writer. That I get to meet people. That I’m achieving my goals.”

Alix complains later that I misquoted her.

I email Mike McPadden, MrSkin Editorial Director: “Are you a gateway drug? How many girls have you gotten into the porn industry? Do you have a strong pimp hand?”

Mike (whose writings as Selwyn Harris were an inspiration to me during a particularly vulnerable period of my life — 1996-97) responds:

This! Some email to come home from my Brooklyn vacation to!


1. I wish.

2. One, named Alix, and only sort of. Time was such an accomplishment would have been mine finest hour. Now the moment is at hand and my attitude is:
“Do what you think is fun, sweetie.”

3. I don’t have a strong anything-hand. And you’d think after years of one-arm pumps, at least the right-side one would have developed into something substantial.

I first interviewed Alix in October of 2006, preparing this profound report:

Does Anybody Care That Mike McPadden Is A Sex Addict?

I want to gather his family and friends in Chicago and stage an intervention. “Mike, we are afraid your addiction to masturbation and your current line of work is not conducive to your higher self.”

I did a heartbreaking interview with his ex-girlfriend Alix who says that Mike would rather masturbate than have sex. She says he’s a sex addict and wanted her to have threesomes.

This kind of sickness is just another consequence of the breakdown of organized religion in America.

Alix worked for for a few months. An executive there wanted a young woman who’d go to shows and sleep with him. Alix would not be that woman.

Alix says about Mike: “It’s almost like his addiction to alcohol and drugs has been replaced by sex addiction.”

“He wanted sex with other people. He wanted threesomes. I liked him too much to want to share him.”

“He didn’t want to call me his girlfriend.”

Luke: “He broke your heart?”

Alix: “He did. He says I’m the best sex he ever had.”

“We’ve been in and out of the relationship for two years. Every time was because he wanted to have sex with me. I give really good head.”

“We met through online personals.”

After a train derailment, “he freaked out. ‘I have to have sex with her again. I’m so glad she’s alive.’”

“He gave me a bunch of books on non-monogamy.”

“It’s not very cool to say I want attention, but I want attention. I like hearing people say I’m beautiful.”

“Christy [Canyon] was able to admit that she liked it. The most important message in the book was that she learned to like herself and she was able to do what made her money and made her happy. Everybody in her life was able…to respect her. That’s the wisdom I want from her — that she was able to accept herself.”

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