We Have to Talk About McChicken

There is a viral video going around. As much as I want to ignore it, I can’t. It’s like a train wreck. I just can not look away! Unfortunately the original video has been removed from Twitter where it originated. It’s all about one man’s serious love for the McDonald’s McChicken sandwich. It consists of a fluffy bun, with crispy chicken and lettuce caressed with mayonnaise and put together with love by a happy employee of the McDonald’s corporation. It’s a delicious sandwich, but one guy took his love for this fast food staple a little too far.

You see, he filmed himself shoving his dick into his prized sandwich and pistoning in and out, fucking it like that guy fucked an apple pie in the movie. Yes, you know that one. It’s understandable to feel love for a delicious sandwich, but, the love should be reserved for eating that sandwich. Then again, who is anyone to tell a person how to love and get their freak on. As a porn fan, I am all for free expression in whatever form it takes, especially as it relates to sexuality.

Unfortunately most people who saw the trending hashtag #mcchicken on the day the video was posted clicked on it thinking there was some improvement or change to the sandwich, or perhaps a giveaway of free mcchicken sandwiches. Because there wasn’t some were disappointed, and others were shocked, leading to many hilarious memes and tweets about the topic.

If you are seriously into food for your sexual satisfaction, there’s no shame in that and there are plenty of porn movies out there that can satisfy your desires. First of all, there are messy porn videos which features hot girls dripping things like chocolate sauce and caramel all over themselves. Some girls even sit on a cake, smashing it with their generous behinds for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, a more popular kind of food porn is one in which a chick takes an oblong food like a cucumber or banana and shoves it into one of her holes, simulating sex acts with biological dicks. Deepthroating a banana is kind of a classic that should be watched at least once in life.

You can always find food porn videos on big tube sites and you can find my favorites on ThePornDude. Here I recommend the tube sites that really deliver. XHamster is a great one for finding what you want. There are just so many videos here that you are bound to find chicks fucking themselves with cucumbers and whores putting whipped cream on their titties to be licked off. However, just beware when you click on the #mcchicken, because you will be accessing a porn movie!

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