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Webmasters React With Horror To New 2257 Regs

Raw Alex writes on GFY: “The new 2257 laws are exactly like using zoning laws to get rid of strip clubs. You can’t outlaw the clubs, but you can sure make it  impossible to operate one.”

Crockett writes: ” They are just doing anything they can to make this as hard as possible for a average webmaster to run his business.”

One amusing thing in the comments is how often porners invoke violations of privacy. There is no legal right to privacy. It was something invented to legalize abortion but it is not in the Constitution and there’s no legal right to make porn and sell porn (or anything) and stay anonymous.

Mr. Cool Ice posts:

I enjoy my work and can’t wait for the hammer to swing on this issue simply because there are more in the industry who give us all a bad name than not. If you only knew what I knew about what really goes on at some of the studios, you would also be happy to see them fall.

This is about the laziest industry I have ever seen. Do you fucking paperwork, list what you have to list, link where you have to link and be done with it. So you have to list your name, address and phone number, then do it or find another line of work. What are you hiding?

EVERY industry has rules and regulations. Porn should not be exempt. YOU wanted to be the cowboy working in porn, so now YOU have to deal with the consequences. If this passes as is, you will either adapt or you will close your shop.

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