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As promised to my colleagues, here is part two, to my internet random humor post, as the most important thing in life is to laugh, and I wouldn’t want to let anyone down.  I will fill this blog post up with some of the funniest stuff I come across while surfing the internet.

Merry Christmas.

When I was 10 years old, my parents took us on vacation to a water park. I told my dad I had to go to the bathroom; he pointed to a building and let me go in by myself. When I got in, I noticed there were no urinals, and none of the stalls had toilets in them. Confused, I went into a stall anyway, pulled the curtain closed behind me, and did my business all over the floor. When I got out, we started walking away when another man with his son asked my dad if we knew of any bathrooms nearby. My dad pointed to the building that I had just exited. The man said, “No, that’s just a dressing room to change in and out of bathing suits.” My Dad said that was not true, as I had just used the bathroom in there.  At this point I was holding my breath, hoping that this would all just blow over with no consequence.  The other man insisted and my father started to get angry, “Are you calling my son a liar?” My Dad told the man we would all go in together to prove my innocence. Despite my objections, the four of us went in and when my Dad whipped open the curtain to the first stall…

Here is the mighty Shake Weight.  In all of humanity’s infinite wisdom, someone invented this most excellent masturbation tool, and somehow was able to pass it off as an exercise bulk-up for one’s arms.  A brilliant marketing strategy to pass something off as a serious piece of gym equipment.  It’s like passing off a blow up fuck doll for just an ordinary flotation device.  Or using the flesh light as something other than…. A Flesh Light!

The Shake Weight

The True Replica

The Tug Toner

This mildly stupid invention was definitely created to help build shoulders, back and chest muscles, thus giving the core a mighty fine work out as well.  You can do it with a partner, or just by yourself.  Sometimes you can do it co ed, or just the guys!  Depends on what you like the most.

Here’s Some Great Portraits

The Most Awkward Photos Ever!!!

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