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Well I TRIED to be nice- My Discussion With Nick East-UPDATE

NL- In our first exchange, I had no intention of posting this email talk with Nick. But as he went more off the deep end, I thought it only fair that the readers see what he is REALLY like when he is not writing for an audience. oh and BTW Nick, your name (Nick East) is so common that LIB doesn’t even show up for pages when your name is googled. that’s just a bullshit argument

Dear Cindy,

I have known for quite some time that you do not like me. I can understand why, too. The people you’ve known (including me) have reinforced your negative thoughts about me over and over again. Marci Hirsch did hit on me. I did reject her. I was blackballed. Luke was in love with Kim Kitaine. Kim was mine. Luke hated me. Kim died. Luke felt bad. Luke apologized to me. germy is a waste of air.
My real name is MST ( I’ve changed his real name to initials anywhere it appears)
My book is The Orion Compass (soon to be available again unless I get lucky and PublishAmerica decides to give it back (they won’t)).
My stage name is Nick East.
On your site I’m also known  as “Nicky Poo” among other bs things.
I DO NOT LIKE WHEN SOMEONE GOOGLES MY NAME AND YOUR SITE COMES UP. It makes me want to talk about Marci. Is that what you want? Do you really want me to talk about Marci Hirsch? Stop fucking disrespecting me!
I don’t deserve that! Have a little respect.
A/k/a Nick East

P.S. I asked you nicely before about letting him talk about me. WTF? I have no problem leaving your site alone, but I will not let him slander me through YOU.


I had never heard of you until you came into the war zone on LIB. I do not like or dislike you, I have no facts to base my opinion on. I can make sure that your real name MST is removed from any comments. 

Just because Jeremy doesn’t like you, has nothing to do with how you and I develop a relationship. 

I don’t know what your book is about, but if you do not mind the link to porn, I think talking about your book could help your sales. I would like to read your book and perhaps review it. 
I am trying to stop or at least calm the infighting going on on LIB. Since it’s an advocate of freedom of speech, it is a very difficult thing to do on my site.  Frankly I don’t care who you talk about, but if you start discussions and say negative things about people, I can’t very well not let them do the same thing to you.
The best suggestion about Jeremy is to NOT have anything to do with him, not mention, not call him, not comment about him. If you promise to do that I will MAKE him take you off his radar from now on, by not allowing him to post anymore comments with your name mentioned in them. 


Dear Cindy,
You said…
Frankly I don’t care who you talk about, but if you start discussions and say negative things about people, I can’t very well not let them do the same thing to you.
germy talks shit about me AND YOU LET HIM!
I finally fight back and you dare say the above statement to me?
Mind yours and germy’s store.
I don’t think I will be posting on you twos site anymore, and I think YOU owe me an apology for not keeping your dog on a leash.
One more thing?
It has been obvious that you harbor Ill feelings for me for a very long time.
Have you forgotten about when I asked you to interview me and you blew me off? Drugs are bad, Cindy. Don’t do drugs!
Again, you really do owe me an apology,
Until then, you may call me,




You asked me (in a threatening manner) if I wanted you to start talking about Marci Hirsch, Kim Kitaine and Luke Ford, that is who I was referring too in the first sentence that you quoted about me not caring who you talk about.

Then you imply at the end of your email that I do drugs. Well it’s pretty obvious to me that you have delusional thoughts and anger issues.

If you wanted help from me to stop the attacks on you, which I said in my last email that I would give you, writing me back hatefully is kind of a backwards move, wouldn’t you agree?  And 1. repeating accusations ( that I harbor ill feelings for you) even though I have already explained  that I don’t have any feelings, and I don’t even know who you are, 2. finding patterns that don’t exist ( Mine & Jeremy’s site?)  3. You asked me to interview you and I blew you off. (maybe i did? Because I never heard of you, except in Jeremy’s rants. But wouldn’t that just connect your name MORE to this “hateful” site of mine?) These kinds of behavior can be a sign of a mental illness called paranoia. You might want to look into that for your own well being. There are some pills that can have you feeling better in a few weeks.

Instead of mending fences you are breaking down doors, sigh. I’ll post this all up to see what the commenters think.

And as I promised, I scanned LIB, found three places where your real name was mentioned, and changed it to just your initials.

You’re welcome. 

Cindi (C-I-N-D-I)

PS- oh and you want me to apologize to you? I’m afraid all those drugs I do won’t allow me to do that….

PSS- So much for us trying to keep things nice and have you not mentioned on my site anymore..


UPDATE- Another email from Neck

For the record,

Freedom of speech was and is about redressing grievances concerning the federal government. 
Freedom of speech does not extend to personal civil disagreements and never forget that 
And freedom of speech does NOT protect germy when he harasses people on the Internet!
Seriously, shove your ‘freedom of speech’ argument where the sun doesn’t shine because it is meaningless to the situation.
Wishing you hadn’t let him attack me,

P.S. It is a shame that your comments section isn’t more positive and upbeat. We tried with the whole gummy bear thing but butmunch just messes any pleasantness to hell!


Could one of my many intelligent readers (Anthony perhaps?) explain Freedom of Speech to Neck? It’s not only about grievances with the government… stupidity just tires me out after awhile.


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