Well Ya knew Mason is out at Elegant Angel, but who is gonna replace her:

Tom Zupko that’s who. Word is he will be Elegant Angels next in a long, long line of contract directors.

Gauge Update:

Mike… just to give you an update on Gauge.

Just wanted to let you know I updated Gauges journal for her… she’s gonna be fine. She’s sore as hell and has some bruising, but she’s gonna be fine.

That is something I am glad to hear Gauge is a little sweetheart!

Carly Really is Writing Lukeford.com

Not only do I recognize the writing….she cops to it. Damn I had it right all along…I apologize to my source who had it right, for allowing Carly to lead me astray….Guys just goes to show ya….women may not flat out lie….but they will obfuscate. ?

Best of Luck Carly

More Porno Poetry from Alexander The Poet

“Too Much Snatch…At The Bunny Ranch” by Alexander The Poet 02.28.03

Could it be that Dennis Hof,
Gets way too much snatch?
Is one pussy not enough?,
At, The Bunny Ranch?

Dennis Hof’s brain may be fried,
With so many clits
Not one single bitch could hide,
If you’re there, you’re his!

Dennis Hof’s a busy man,
Busy, fucking hoes
But he does it cause he can,
That, everyone knows!

Don’t get mad at Dennis Hof
He owns, Bunny Ranch!
Trying to reach him is tough,
When there’s too much snatch!

Gauge in an Accident:

Gauge was broadsided by another vehicle yesterday and according to her juornal at www.xxxgauge.com she is “in poor condition” I hope she is OK and nothing serious has befallen her. More info as it comes available.

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