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We’re Are Winning the War against PWL!

(original title was We’ve WON the war, but I’m told it’s too soon to tell…, especialy since I am getting DDOS attacks right now)

Gotta catch you guys up… I’ll be updating this constantly tonight keep checking back…

xxxFilmjobs has been down for over 24 hours. I understand the “hackers” just let it go back up while the ANTI-pwl Army is negotiating.

PWL has been down all day and now redirects to

A face book page showing what appears to be Donny Long’s wife & baby had been found and copied. It has now disappeared.  His baby is adorable (hey it’s not the kid’s fault)

Ex-porn talent Joe Blow (Michael Tierny) has been outted as part of PWL. He is a financial backer.  Mike has the proof on his site


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