What can you expect at a sex club?

What first comes to mind when you think of a sex club? Just like the name suggests, it is a club where people go to, you know, have sex. While sex clubs can be quite varied, they are often styled like a nightclub; with adequate room for dancing and socializing, but then there are private areas with beds and other props for people to get naughty. That explains why there are temporary sex clubs held in private residences.

Now, some people get the thrill out of having public sex. Another group referred to as voyeurs, enjoy the thrill of watching other people have sex. You are likely to encounter both groups of people at a sex club. Many couples go to sex clubs to play with each other while others go there to get dirty with strangers. There is all manner of dirty activities that take place in a sex club. As you can imagine, there is so much fun to be had by getting wild in the confines of dimly-lit spaces.

So, what should you expect to find at a sex club? ThePornDude has it all. However, you have to be prepared for something different from what you had in mind.

It’s a regular party

Well, to start with, a sex party is first and foremost a social event. It is only that there is an added advantage of getting laid. So, if you are a first timer, don’t expect people to jump into fucking the moment they met each other. There are a lot of greetings, the pleasure to meet you, and generally all manner of small talks, at least in the beginning. This one is pretty obvious, but you can also expect food, drinks, and if you are lucky, you will come across a facilitator whose job is to get people in the mood.

There’s sex, just not immediately

If you thought that the moment you enter a sex club you’d find people busy ravaging each other, sorry to disappoint you. Unless, of course, you arrived at the scene very late. Don’t just hit the club with a raging hard-on if you don’t want to be an embarrassing mess. Relax. Grab a drink or two and socialize a bit. This is called strategizing, sizing people up and identifying potential fuck mates for later.

Well-dressed people

Isn’t this obvious? People at sex clubs are dressed to impress. There is a bigger agenda after all. So you can expect lots of perfumes and waxed body parts. It is common sense that if you are looking forward to getting laid at a sex club, you must have taken a shower, brushed your teeth and generally be well groomed before you approach any potential catch. Choose flattering outfits that are easy to take off once the main show starts.

A lot of flirting

Of course, this one depends on how well (or do I say, appropriately) groomed you are. Many people attend sex parties to socialize, and you can expect a lot of people throwing you cozy stares, approaching you and generally all manner of flirting you would expect from people looking forward to being laid.

In sex parties, especially single ones, you are not assigned a specific partner, and you go there with one mission: to hunt and flirt.

There are rules

Surprise, surprise! There are rules everywhere even in a sex club. You didn’t think you’d be free to do whatever you please, did you? Granted, the rules may be more relaxed, but they are for the benefit of those in attendance.

Some of the rules cover personal hygiene (grooming and all) as well as courtesy.  While flirting is allowed, no one said you have to go touching in all manner of places. You will get yourself thrown out of the party. You also need to know what kind of sex party you are attending: singles only, lesbians only, etc. Also, is your partner open to the idea of fucking another man?

Exhibitionist sex

Some sex clubs have rooms where couples or threesomes can do their thing, but some just like doing it in the open. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a couple fucking in the bathtub when you visit the washrooms. If anything, this should alert you that the business end of the party is just getting started.

As mentioned, some people are frequent at sex clubs so that people can watch them having sex. They either get the thrill out of it or just want to show off their sexy bodies. Either way, you can expect such scenes especially after the booze starts getting into people’s heads.

Sex and more sex

Unless it’s a couple’s only party, rules have a way of getting blurred once the sex part kicks in. While you may see couples fucking simultaneously, expect to look at some threesomes, foursomes, finger fucking, stripping, and all manner of people fucking their brains out.

Because sex clubs are frequented by every Tom, Dick, and Harry, you can expect a bowl of condoms and bottles of lube. Hell, you may even bring your own pack of condoms. Dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and other sex toys are also allowed, but it is advisable to bring yours. Safety comes first.


It is always advisable to know the details of the particular sex party you plan to attend. Even more importantly, look for a sex theme that you are comfortable with. By the end of the day, sex clubs are places for people to interact and socialize, only in a more intimate manner. Make sure you are comfortable with whatever is on offer or stay the fuck home.

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