What does a man think about during sex?

I know that it’s basically common knowledge that men express their love and desire mostly through sex. And I bet that is practically why women get alarmed if their man stops having sex with them probably as often considering that they might actually be cheating. However, in as much as men are visual beings and might as well be aroused by random stuff such as their wife or girlfriend stepping out of the shower naked; there are just things women do during sex that are repulsive and might even lead him to skip his favorite dessert.

Wait! I know probably you didn’t know that men look forward to sex any day and anytime, not that they are literally perverts, but anything no matter how small that leads them on will surely create a physical or mental boner. And while at times men do things that annoy women during sex too, if it helps to know; most of them are not intended. Like it’s not that easy to understand the feelings of another person especially, a woman, and dare I say it’s not like they come with a manual. I know you will not probably take my perception too kindly or rather with an open mind, but if it helps, you should probably judge them through their thoughts at that opportune moment.

Men’s thoughts during sex

He’s thinking about sexy stuff he would like to try she wouldn’t be down for — almost all men, in fact, close to 90% subscribe to porn, and you might wonder why but it’s actually simple; besides from the porn performers being sexy at best, they actually seem pretty fun and open to trying various positions whether vanilla, hardcore or even fetish. Basically bringing me to the bitter truth that men with rigid women often wonder or begin to fantasize during sex about perhaps how wonderful it could be if they could actually pull out some of those things with them.

How her boobs, booty or body looks hot — I actually heard this from one of my friends who kept on going back about how he is hooked to certain sex positions because they give him a better view of her ass, boobies, and curvy body; which basically translates to the fact that he is usually thinking about how sexy her body is and in pursuit to enjoy the most of it at that particular time.

How her tight pussy feels so sweet — there might not be a thing such as the sweetest pussy ever but different women in a man’s life inspire very distinct feelings when it comes to sex; which is exactly why he might find himself often thinking about how sweet your pussy is while actually, it’s deeper than that, love or even passion.

It’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to him — while there is actually a thin line between how tight or good various pussies feel, some women are lazy during sex and often do not know how to appreciate what the man is trying to achieve with them, which is often a wonderful time. However, for those who do, you can bet that your man is often feeling and thinking about how it is so wonderful to have you in his life.

He’s thinking of how fortunate he is to have such a hot woman — I know you’ve probably caught him severally grinning while you too are on it and thought that maybe he is thinking about his hot ex. However, I am here to make you cut him some slack next time because some guys really love their women so much that they consider themselves lucky to be dating them. And mostly at that moment, they are just immersed deep in that incredible feeling of having the best thing that has happened to them in their loving arms.

“Am I doing it right?” — I guess insecurities are everywhere in life, and at times it’s just very difficult to establish whether you are really up to a certain task if the recipient isn’t responding accordingly. Am talking about the fact that men feel often discouraged or encouraged by the way a woman responds during intercourse. For instance, lack of response might alarm lack of interest, or he is just not doing it right. Therefore most men take it upon themselves to observe, digest responses, and act accordingly.

He is trying so hard not to cum because she’s enjoying it — at times when he is hitting the right tight spot and his woman is loving it just as hard as he is. He often is trying to control his cumming through his brain so as to lengthen her pleasure spree. In other words to tell you that men actually care about satisfying their women’s sexual needs and would rather hold down a bit just to see her face glow in pleasure for one more second.

He’s thinking about her best friend — Ouch! I know this one hurts, but it’s a fact that some girlfriends really have very hot friends that even your dude might end up crushing on. And believe it or not, often it’s just a crush or a fancy thought he likes to play around within his mind because he loves you and wouldn’t want to pursue his lust for your best friend.

He’s trying to figure out what might be on her mind women are often victims of multitasking their thoughts and could ultimately be present physically while they are thinking about the laundry or kids. With the worst thing yet being that they are unaware that it’s actually showing on their faces often alarming the other partner to wonder what they are thinking about.

Nothing! He’s blank too busy fucking her — it appears that some men don’t think about anything while making love. In fact, it’s almost as if they are fucking too engrossed by the wonderful feeling of being on edge almost to the extent that they are not thinking about her positioning, titties, body or just totally anything!


Now that you know what most men are often thinking about during your moments of intimacy, I can only hope that the next time you see him too engrossed you don’t start assuming your own shit because you could as well misjudge him in a good or bad way.

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