What does a woman think about during sex?

While many women are absolutely sexual in that they desire the deepest kind of emotional and physical connections, unlike men, to them the very thing that creates that ambiance, i.e., sex, is very different. Am talking about the fact that it doesn’t just take the sight of a man’s erect cock to get them wet or even thinking about parting their sexy legs. And believe me, it’s actually more complicated than it sounds because; for them sex has to be stimulated from the mind, they have to feel totally desired to be in the moment without forgetting that the man expressing his love for her ought to magically know where her sensitive spots are at or dare I say the almost inexistent G-spot men are doomed to pursue for the rest of their lives.

Personally, I’ve studied the best sex positions to make orgasms, how to eat pussy right, how to find the G-spot among other cunning lovemaking hacks but; while I’ve actually had a success with my foreplay touching and kissing skills, oral or even the whole sex-game; there is one thing that I am yet to fix, ‘her brain’. I know it’s crazy, but you will be shocked by the sort of things women think about at that moment when you are busy panting pants down. My advice, guard your heart because it might be a little too much to take in.

Women’s thoughts during sex

Is he really loving my pussy?” – Most women agree to not being certain the other party is enjoying the sex and even shockingly not knowing if they themselves are. This is why sex educators recommend that the man voice their feelings out, for instance, ‘l love how tight your pussy is’ or something fantastic about how deep you are feeling her. Something men would assume they could guess, I bet, but they don’t, and the power to spice up things could be via your tongue.

“If you just lick my boobs I literally won’t feel it. Just squeeze or bite please.” – Well, I guess we all assume that we have an inborn talent or skill on how to please a woman, but it turns out we just don’t. And unless you learn to gamble on the sensitive points, e.g. the nipple, then bruh, ‘she ain’t gonna feel shit!

This guy has the strength of a horse and would definitely do good in a threesome.” – Truth is most women love the idea of a threesome, but they don’t actually want one! Any wise man could use this to their advantage, probably letting her whisper to you about how she would like it. However, you should be careful to tackle her insecurities by adding stuff like; “it’s just fun maybe in some town you’ll never visit again or even see the girl ever, that you would only do it if she was cool with it” etc. Otherwise, you might break up in the middle of making out.

“Why can’t I feel anything? Did someone shoot Novocain into my special place?” — I’ve said this probably a million times already, it’s not the size but the badass play that matters. Also, any man should be able to listen carefully in between their lady’s moans to know where the magic is or just isn’t. Otherwise, she’ll be laying dead like some noisy log waiting for you to close business for her to move on to the next thing.

“Oh! I wish he could lick my clit or pinch my nipples harder.”  – At times some dirty women are thinking about nasty things you could do, or she wishes you ever did but cannot speak out because they are not confident about; how they taste, smell or even appear naked. However, sexologists recommend that men build up their women’s confidence by commenting on how wonderful they smell, how sexy they look or even show lots of sexual excitement to make them feel wanted and accepted. Who knows, you might just hit the right button onto your ultimate cloud nine sex expeditions.

Please don’t let the kids walk-in…Again!” — Now, it’s been proven that women naturally worry a lot about little things or even kids. Now if you notice your woman worries a lot about the kids or even dog sort of bumping in. You should probably take to locking the door before getting into it or if it’s the day time quickie find a less obvious place, e.g. the garage, basement, closet, etc.

“I still have to do the laundry after this.” — Experts will tell you that women live their roles! This means that if she has to prepare dinner, do the laundry or even pick up the kids from school; any sex in between will entirely be physical for them because they will be busy being psychologically absent and thinking about what’s ahead. To try and avoid this perhaps you should suggest stuff like “I want to go get the kids for you after this, take you out for dinner, help you with the laundry,” etc.

“This guy is definitely going to text me back. Actually, …maybe not.” — While it’s not entirely a man’s fault for not knowing how to express themselves. Just know that your woman is probably thinking about whether she is enough for you because you skipped the words, “baby you satisfy me, your body is amazing, or even I wanna do this with you for the rest of my life.” And trust me, the worry is no good because you’ll probably leave with different concepts and the moment another verbal man steps in, you’ll probably be left thinking you did everything right and yet she still left.

“He is definitely nothing like or better than my Ex.” — I know it’s probably disturbing if not disgusting for most men. But it’s entirely the same concept with cheating men who think about their wives to cum with their side dishes. I mean it’s some sort of a mental emotional feast where they siphon love or even lust feelings to give them the exciting idea that they are actually steering some wonderful action while they are actually getting what they need from the man in-between’s action. Unbelievable, right?

“How did we even get into this position? I didn’t know he was strong enough to make that move. Is there such a thing as superhuman sex strength? Kind of like when a mother lifts a bus to rescue her child?”  – Women and their weight insecurities! She’ll probably be thinking to herself when watching porn or viewing sex magazines that some positions are reserved for petite women only. Now, you can always choose to dazzle her by pulling one of those incredible positions with her, and as long as you ensure she’s comfortable; while she might not thank you verbally, you might leave her fixed in a million ways.


Well well well, I take it that you might have a difficult time accepting the fact that women are bottled up with too many insecurities or can even be entirely absent during sex fully consciously. But I take that you don’t want to be a victim no more and would rather learn how to please your woman and keep her interested throughout sex from, the most exciting women porn scenes. Enjoy!

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