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What Ever Happened to Darrah Ford?

NL-That’s a good question. She put a note up and stopped posting on her sites. She stopped tweeting on twitter. She stopped posting on the forum boards. After Darrah spent 3 years of non-stop talking on all these platforms how does she just stop and disappear?

Well i have gotten some answers in some unlikely places, and because of the weird association, it is possible they are not true answers. But they are the best I have at the moment.

Darrah was battling with many people and had many enemies. Somehow her porn platform leaked over into the political arena concerning Weinergate. Remember Rep Weiner was caught texting with girls he met on twitter, and sending them pictures of his not so private parts? Well Darrah was mentioned in a blog about Weinergate when her relationship with “Redgoat” came to light. (And when I say relationship i don’t mean the happy kind. They hated each other, and were constantly doing battle on one forum or another) Redgoat was linked to Weinergate and the tweeting that went on there.

After that blog mention, things get weird…

On June 9th, 2011, Darrah signed off on everything and disappeared, and no one knew where she went.

Just recently I’ve talked to some political blogger types who told me they were in touch with Darrah. They said she had been harrassed by both the porn and political people and that she had cut ties will all and moved somewhere else. That all this tension was causing problems in her family life and that DARRAH WAS PREGNANT!

I was concerned about her, but the blogger told me that she was well and safe, just unhappy about all that was going on, and very unhappy that she couldn’t blog.

LIke I said, can’t be sure that’s true, but it’s the best I have right now.

Darrah, hope all is ok. My email is the same.


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