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What Ever Happened To Raven Alexis…

beautiful photo by Holly Randall


I have three reasons for writing this story at this time.

1. I don’t want the subject of this story to invade the important truthful story I will be writing about in the next post.

2. My heart has finally healed enough to deal with the hurt and betrayal I feel every time I think about this.

3. My readers deserve answers to what I think about the Raven Alexis/Cancer debate.

I have talked to so many people over the last six months about Raven Alexis; friends, roommates, relatives, exes, husbands etc… I have also given confidentiality to several conversations I have had. Therefore, I will state that all the things I say are my opinions taken from talks with all the people involved in the situation, but I will not say who said what.

I have also talked to Alexis many, many times. At first with loving friendship. But as time went on and I asked harder questions, her answers became shorter, and non-specific. I asked the questions she did not and would not answer. The last few discussions with Alexis, I got no answers, she was sarcastic. She mentioned her lawyer several times. One thing Raven repeated often to many people was that she took no money for herself. That seemed like a strange thing to say. But when I thought it out and looked it up, if people collect money by saying they are ill and they are not, they can be charged with crimes.

I cared about Alexis very much. I still care about Alexis. Alexis told the world that she had cancer, that she had devastatingly painful brain tumors, that she lost her ability to walk, that she was having seizures daily, that she was going to be receiving only palliative care (Care that relieves pain or symptoms, but doesn’t provide a cure.), that she was was terminal.

Alexis did a toy drive for sick kids. Toys were purchased and delivered to the children. If you bought toys, you did a good thing and made sick kids’ holiday happier. I promoted this toy drive on my site, and am happy that it was for real.

There is a lot of  information relating to Raven’s medical condition, including things I’ve been told her doctors said, that I can’t even mention, because I don’t want to violate her rights to keeping that private.

I also did a lot of talking about Raven and her cancer and how brave she was and how sad the whole thing was on my site. I thought I was being supportive and helpful. I am sure many people supported her because of what they read on my site. For that I apologize.

My mother died of cancer and it runs in my family. Several people in my family have died from cancer. I have suffered through many painful cancer deaths. Because Alexis said she was suffering with cancer, I could relate. I suffered with her and her family. I cried for her many times.

Most of you have read by now that Raven starred in fetish movies as a sick and dying girl. In the movies she pretended to have seizures, she pretended to die. 

Raven said she had seizures due to her cancer. A person who was present during one of her seizures did a test and reported to me that the seizure was fake.  (I have all the details, but have to keep them to myself to keep confidentiality)

All of the information that Raven posted about her cancer, brain tumors, pain and suffering was been removed from her site, her twitter, her blog in January.

Raven was unable to walk in December, In January Raven had moved into her own house. In that same month ads on escort sites and travel dates all around the country were found with Raven’s name and picture on them.

Raven now has pretty much dropped off the radar. Her twitter account had been made private, and now it is gone altogether. Her tumbler account has been deleted. All the links in the stories I did on her now lead to no where. She has disappeared.

In my opinion,  Raven faked having terminal brain cancer.


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