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What Happened to Ed Powers?

A concerned citizen writes:

Did Ed retire?
Did Ed retire due to medical reasons?
Did Ed retire because he couldn’t sell his tapes in quantity ?
Even though he was a pioneer in the industry, Ed never seemed to “get it”…ie.  He turned more people OFF (vs. ON) by sleeping with the amateur women.  Maybe he should have stayed behind the camera instead of in front of it.
Your comments, please ?

David Gross, VP of Sales for New Machine, responds:

Hi Luke

Its David from New Machine.  I would like to respond to the What
Happened to Ed Powers?

Ed is alive and well.  He is concerned about his health and is taking
a proactive approach in getting in shape.

There are many people with different opinions on him and his
success.  His Dirty Debutante series is easily the most prodigious adult
production ever.  With over 300 Dirty Debutante volumes, Ed has been
with more gals than your average seasoned woodsman.

Ed is an innovator creating the Pro Am Genre and his series is still
one of the most popular adult lines.  His titles include Dirty
Debutantes, Dirty Dirty Debutantes, Black Dirty Debutantes, The Real
Naturals, Cockless, Exotica Erotica, New Ends, Deep Inside Dirty
Debutantes and others makes him one of the hardest working porn guys

Has New Machine cannibalized Ed’s career and revenue the same way it
did to Randy West?

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