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What Happened To Vivid’s Longtime Sales Manager Howard Levine?

Joe emails: “Buried deep inside avn’s david-peskin-promoted-to-Vivid-sales-manager story late today is that howard levine has been sent packing to Club Jenna. Levine has been vivid’s sales manager since the stone age. obviously this is a firing of sorts. what’s the skinny?”

Howard Levine replies to my email: “Each company wanted their own sales rep. I choose to rep club jenna and reality kings. I have been selling Vivid for 17 years plus, and I wanted to take on a new challenge. I hired Dave and he will do great for Vivid. Steven Hirsch has been my mentor and friend for 20 years and I owe my life to him. He has and still does treat my family and myself like it were his own, I will always be very grateful to have a relationship with him and Vivid, he is the best. I have not been sent packing as it was my choice.”

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