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What I Know for Sure about the HIV Rumors…

Nothing. I know nothing for sure. After doing 100 hours of researching, texting, calling, e-mailing over the last 5 days, I know nothing for sure. The only way I could be certain of a person being involved would be if they told me themselves and no one has. So I tell you what I think below. What I have heard. What I have been told. It has to be considered my opinion and not fact for now.

I can tell you that after boiling down all the rumors and trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together, some things still don’t match up.

The girl who is being identified as patient zero by 9 out of 10 sources is in her late 20’s. Patient Zero is supposedly 42 years old. I do have the name of the 42 year old, and it is missing from the AIM database. (AIM said they were removing the quarantined people from the database) The name of the 20’s girl is still in there. I think the reason for the confusion is that Patient Zero is rumored to be an ex girlfriend of the director, and both of the above ladies are.

Patient Zero’s scene partner is well known male talent. His name is the ONLY one I am hearing consistently so I believe we have it right. His real name is also missing from the AIM database. A quick check shows that he has made over 300 movies, according to a gay site 43 of those are gay/bi.

His friends tell me that he is acting normally, following his normal routine and not mentioning the exposure to anyone. As a matter of fact he has done the opposite and said he hasn’t worked in a couple weeks.

Chances are the male will be fine.  He has already tested negative once and female to male transmission through normal intercourse is rare. I am disappointed that he hasn’t stepped forward and outted himself though, he’s not the man I thought he was. My e-mail to him has gone unanswered and I know that he read it.

The director/producer of this scene I think we are pretty sure of. He has acted in many movies himself, and the majority of those are bi/gay/tranny. He has directed  many scenes, and has moved more into directing than acting, although I hear a rumor that he performs in a lot of scenes out of the country under a different name.

As far as what company the movie was shot for, I believe I know that answer also, but being that the director is independent and works for many companies, the company that the scene was shot for, may actually know just about nothing about the scene or that it was being shot for them. After this, I’m pretty sure they will say they had no knowledge of it and didn’t oversee it.

So I know nothing for sure. But now at least you know what I know. I have a headache and I’m going to bed.




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