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What Is Asia Doing With Her Insurance Money?

She writes on

Ok the question everyone wants to know the answer to… “Asia, what are you doing with the insurance money???” No, I’m not gambling again, never never never!!! No, I haven’t bought anything fun except a $90 pair of hiking sandals for summer. No, I’m not going to do ANYTHING stupid with the money! I paid off the house. My used Jeep was already paid off. The rest is being invested, and the kids and I will live off of 1/2 the interest. The other half will be reinvested to hopefully outpace inflation. Now if you crunch numbers on any amount of money, you will find that living on 1/2 of the potential interest is NOT a huge bonanza, no matter how large the initial lump sum may seem. So the kids and I will be living quite modestly. But that’s ok. The kids are small, they don’t want for anything, and I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and things that don’t cost any money. I’ve NEVER been one to wear makeup, get dressed up, or waste money on silly fripperies even when Don was alive, but now that he’s gone, I REALLY can’t see the point to wasting money on any of that crap. Nothing material appeals to me when I would gladly throw it all away to have my husband back, y’know? I had a dream about Don last night. It felt so good to put my arms around him one more time and bury my face in his neck and just hold him. I didn’t even cry when I woke up. I was just happy to be able to hold him again.

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