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What MAY have happened, Circumstances surrounding Patient Testing…

NL-This was left as a comment and should be considered Op/Ed. TY Michael

by Michael Whiteacre

I went back and forth with Michael about this earlier today, and he admits that this whole ELISA nonsense is double hearsay, at least (he heard it from someone who claims to have heard it from the owner of Talent Testing Services).

FSC has not announced the details of the test, and I have not seen the results, or what kind of test it was, but there is NO WAY in hell any lab would rely on an ELISA antibody-based test in the event of a new/acute infection.

Here we have an adult performer, who tests monthly, and suddenly the patient tests positive. That means one of two things:

1) the patient is newly infected; or
2) the test is in error.

NO ONE would test a new case with a ELISA and call it definitive. That’s not in the APHSS protocols, and it wasn’t in the AIM protocols. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that it was NOT an ELISA test.


If he is, as rumored, blabbing about specific test results and the number of tests, then Patient Alpha, and others, would have a VERY serious medical privacy claim against TTS. Have we not learned from the lawsuits against AIM? Is anyone comfortable with this report?

Think this through logically, and perhaps we can deduce what happened. Here’s what we know:

Patient Alpha tests positive outside the APHSS system.

Then, somehow, for some reason, APHSS takes over the testing of Patient Alpha.

Talent Testing is NOT affiliated (and reportedly REFUSED to be affiliated) with FSC. TTS wanted that business all for itself.

In order for FSC to step in, Patient Alpha would have had to sign a waiver or set of waivers.

Why would Patient Alpha do that if the Patient was happy with the service received getting at a non-APHSS lab?

Would TTS be HAPPY to see Patient Alpha turn to ASPHSS?

The second big question is: WHAY DID TTS SUDDENLY ANNOUNCE THAT IT WOULD BE CLOSED THIS WEEKEND? It announced its “new hours” at the very last minute.

What are they doing behind closed doors?

Why would a major testing lab close its doors o the middle of a run on testing centers — during a HIV scare where performers are practically running to get re-tested?

What could be so important that they’d be willing to turn away that kind of business and forsake the clients who trust them with their health — driving them into the arms of the competition?

@Anthony – Yes, APHS has announced it will be doing follow-up testing with the individual after some time has elapsed.

And, NO, TTS is not part of APHSS, so the three alleged positive test results from TTS CANNOT be part of FSC’s re-testing of Patient Alpha. This fact leads me to believe that if Patient Alpha HAD BEEN testing at TTS (as rumored), for some reason not yet known, abandoned TTS and ran to the arms of APHSS.

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