What The F*** Are Vacation Boobs?

Have you heard of vacation boobs? It’s the newest cosmetic trend for women who want bigger breasts. Traditional implants require major surgery and recovery time, whereas this process will only take an afternoon and cost between $2,500 and $3,500. Unfortunately, these saline injections will only last a little over 24-hours, though Dr. Norman Rowe, the leading cosmetic surgeon behind these instant tits, is currently working on a formula that said to last up to two weeks. After the allotted 24-hours the breasts will slowly deflate back to their regular size.


I would never personally pay $3,000 to be injected with saline, but I understand why this would be appealing to some women. This is a product that women in the entertainment industry will benefit from – models, actresses, maybe even pornstars could gets these “vacation boobs” before a major shoot to help enhance their assets. As for the everyday woman, I can’t see much of a profit especially with its current price.

As an experiment, two German radio hosts allowed a cosmetic surgeon give them these temporary breasts. With a film crew at hand, John and Rasheed went bra shopping, worked out at the gym and asked strangers to feel them up.

According to their Facebook page, the pair stated that “Bras are torture and every woman should get a medal for wearing this monster.” View the duo’s experience below, sadly it’s in German but it’s still interesting to watch. Be sure to turn on the closed captions!

So what’s your conclusion? Do you think these temporary tits will take off? Ladies, would you be willing to pay $2,500 for bigger boobs that will only last a day? Gents, would you freak out if your girlfriend’s breasts started deflating?

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