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What we can learn from mainstream

I’ve learned a lot over the last year or so in terms of the mainstream book market and one of those things I learned is how amazingly similar it is to our own adult industry, not just with movies but also with membership websites.

It got me thinking about direct comparisons and I realized that one of the more under-utilized features in porn is something that is big business in the mainstream book market. A bad review can tank sales for a book and research has shown that even just a few good review can absolutely make a huge different when it comes to the decision to buy the book. We all know how reviews work in mainstream, I mean who hasn’t been to Amazon before? But what about us in porn?

Well there is AVN. We all know about them doing reviews for our movies. But are there other options? I mean what is you want a review for something that isn’t a DVD? I mean anymore, most of us aren’t really releasing a lot of our own adult movies. Instead we run websites. So what about reviews for them? The basic concept is the same. A bad review can really hurt sales or signups for your website, but a great review can really help. That is, if the review is on a well-placed website that gets some decent traffic.

I know that many of us stopped using review sites because since many of them were just link scams, but truth is, not all of them are like that.

I did some looking around and found a site, Review Porn that seems like a great site that offers real reviews.

What’s great about this site is that they break up their reviews into categories so it makes it so much easier for the end user to find what they are looking for – straight websites, gay porn, adult products like books, movies and so on.

The reviews are done by a handful of reviewers and are really rather detailed and break down their ratings into multiple subcategories so it’s not like oh I love this site I give it 5 stars. For adult sites they break it down into three main categories, content, design and cost. Under content they have 6 sub categories, and then the total score.

  • Exclusivity – Up to 5 points
  • Updates – Up to 5 points
  • Originality – Up to 10 points
  • Quality – Up to 15 points
  • Speed-  Up to 15 points
  • Quality – Up to 15 points

Meaning under content a given website can earn up to 65 points. Anywho, the basic point I’m trying to make here is that the review are really in depth and a person looking to learn more about your website because they want to be an informed consumer, will benefit from this kind of review.

Far too many people assume that purchasing a membership for a website is an impulse buy and while in some cases that may be true but not always. There is a whole group of people who actually put some thought behind their purchases and getting listed on these type of sites can help you attract those kind of buyers.

So if you are looking to attract more traffic to your website, give a site like a try and see how well it works out for you. Since getting your site reviewed doesn’t actually cost you anything, what do you really have to lose?


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