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What’s Attorney Michael Fattorosi Up To?

From GFY: “Wanted: LA based Full Time In House Web Designer/Master: We are looking to hire a full time web designer and master that will work within my offices in Los Angeles to design and maintain 2 primary websites as well as build numerous sologirl/pornstar sites. Email me your info, portfolio and salary requirements. michael [at] fclawyers [dot] com.”

Joe emails: “What’s this knucklehead up to? I’m just curious how he went from “pornstar advocate lawyer” to owning porn content sites?”

Gia Jordan writes on XPT: “Michael, I see that you helped Sophia pro bono. What is your retainer fee for people in the industry? Though I don’t need an attorney, it seems like all your porn clients are pro bono. Am I wrong? Are you still representing non-porn clients as well? Just wondering how things work in the law business.”

Michael responds:

I have 4 attorney and growing firm and we rep adult, music and mainstream clients. We also do ip, civil and business litigation, limited criminal, employment law, insurance defense and the run of the mill ambulance chasing PI work.


I will help out talent on an occasional basis pro-bono if they are friends. Which basically means that until I or one of my attorneys have to do some actual legal work, ie., research case law, author pleadings, depos, discovery ect. I will not charge. I did help Brian Surewood gratis. But we do charge an hourly fee to the porn clients and the retainer is between $1500 and $5000 depending on the legal situation at hand.

But for you Gia I would discount my rate and retainer.

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