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What’s Going On With Ovadia Family At Anarchy?

I hear they lost their law suit and an injunction has been placed on their homes to pay the vendors product they were distributing, seems they were switching around the books so the producers royalties wouldn’t match, now they are booking talent sideways and screwing them, by not paying them after signing their model releases, rumor has it they haven’t been showing up at their offices as much recently due to all the karma hitting them.

The producer that won the lawsuit against Anarchy (5th Element, Python, and others) is a gentleman named Ron Atkins of Nasty Pixxx.
Before entering the courtroom doors Anarchy tried to settle last minute yet Ron knew he had plenty of proof. Ron won and now there’s an injunction on the family’s homes.
I hear that the female talent Anarchy stiffed was Nina Stevens with

On top of that Scott Michaels — artist for (Voyeur, Combat Zone, Northstar, Smash and others) — was owed thousands of dollars for covers he designed for Anarchy. He says they refused to pay him. The matter is going to court.

Anarchy labels include 5th Element and Python.

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