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Whats Good For The Goose Isn’t Good For Bobbi Dylan

This has been a longtime coming. Everyday Bobbi Dylan attacks someone for the most bizarre shit.

Bobbi’s hatred for girls who actually work isn’t anything new…Today’s rant, is against Whitney Wright.

Bobbi is basically mad at Whitney for making money off shooting a first “Interracial”

What Bobbi doesn’t get is she’s a C-Lister with 74 credits spanned out over 4 years, roughly 18 scenes a year, While Whitney, in 2 years has 274 credits,  or 137 scenes a year.  No one would care about any of Bobbi’s firsts, unless it involved a mini-horse and a midget.

If Bobbi hates the term “Interracial” so much, why does she have it listed not once, but twice on her booking page. This is the same girl who a few years ago claimed she would only shoot with black men from here on out.. If anyone has that tweet please send it to me

Wonder what ATMLA would do if Bobbi told them she was only shooting with blackmen from now on, that 1.4 scenes a month would dry up and porn would go bankrupt


I know, you were gonna beat me up at AVN but I was hiding from you

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