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Whats Happening with the Misty to Blu Project? Answers

Steven writes-
We started this campaign on Kickstarter and in the 5 days that it was our project’s home, we raised over $8000 from over 100 backers.  That’s AMAZING.  So far, over 90 of you have followed us to our new site and pledged over $7400– that level of trust and loyalty strikes us as even MORE amazing.  Some of you even raised your pledges when you made the jump.  You guys are the best.

I admit, we’re frustrated and confused by the fact that Kickstarter approved our campaign and then 5 days later reversed that decision and shut us down.  We never got a fully satisfactory explanation for that, or why other projects of a similar nature have been allowed to run their course.  We still think Kickstarter is an amazing platform for launching projects.  The whole Kickstarter crew was never anything less than polite and supportive, even while shutting us down.  We engaged them in a spirited but friendly debate about the social and artistic merits of erotic film.  After declaring the project canceled and de-listing it from their Discovery page, they kept the actual project page active for us for over 18 hours as we scrambled to pull together an alternative so we could point you to our new home before they shut it down.  

“Project Misty” feels like home now, but we are only here for another 14 days, so we don’t want to get too comfortable.  My small team and I are sort of exhausted, not too mention still working around the clock on the release.  But the overwhelming support, in the form of emails, positive blog posts, and increased reward pledges has taken me by total surprise. Your kindness and support you has really touched me, and we very much consider you a part of this project and part of the team. We have been very open to suggestions, and will be incorporating many of them.  Please continue to add comments to the PROJECTMISTY.COM site, and we will try our best to do right by all of you.

If we reach that $10,000 goal, you will all get confirmation and further directions on how to complete the reward transactions. Until then, please pass the word around– we are not there yet, and we need to get everyone back on board, keep the momentum going, and reach out to new backers.  It would be a shame to come this far and not make it across the finish line!


Thank you again,
Steven, Ian and the 435 Team

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