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What’s it like to run an adult site in Asia? Exclusive Interview with Taiwanese Webmaster”3PM”

He goes by PPPMMM and is an adult writer and webmaster who works from his home. What makes him different then the other million people with this job description, (me included), is that he does it from the Country of Taiwan. And he does it in Chinese. For a different perspective from the other side of the world, here is part one of an interview and correspondence with my new friend, who I call 3PM.

Tell me about yourself and how you discovered porn.
I am Taiwanese and I (formally) started with Japanese porn as many east Asian males do when I was in college, but then I am hooked with western porn because of the exotic beauties and style. As a matter of fact, I talked about my first encounter with western porn on my blog. When I was young, my father went to Europe for business and secretly got some porn VHS videos (the Color Climax videos, no child porn though) that he sneaked back home. My brother and I found out that later and start to explore porn, secretly of course. Anyway, I got more serious about porn when I was about college age, and then more analytical (about porn) when I was in grad school. It is not easy to get in touch in large quantities of porn materials in Asian society as they are prohibited items. Thanks to the internet and (not really proud to say) all the “free” porn online in the last ten years. It is much easier to learn about the US and European porn industry now. Last but not least, of course, also thanks for people like you, Cindi, that are working so hard.

How can I read your writing? Can I translate it on line?
I am writing my blog in traditional Chinese (Mainland China uses simplified Chinese characters, and I hate simplified Chinese!), and I suppose you can try google translate, though the translation will be off quite a bit (well, a lot would be more precise). Most of the materials are just basic info about a specific porn star or a particular movie, which I simply translate into Chinese and may be add a little of my own opinion here and there, nothing too special actually. As you can see that I censored all of the pictures, just like you do on your site. It is not a children-friendly website for sure, but I don’t want to be too explicit and I do not encourage any talk about illegal downloading on my site. Besides, Google and Yahoo should be the biggest porn sites out there anyway.

Do you worry about getting in any legal trouble for running your site?
Legal issue is alway a big concern for me, especially in East Asian countries that do not tolerate too much of sexually explicit materials in public (human are nasty horny little bastards that race is not a factor at all, we are all Homo sapiens that sinned in thinking about sex all the time).

I think there are two main issues:
1. the use of pictures or clips on my site, though I am not making any money out of it (no ads, etc.), I do not want to get sue or get into any legal problem from the owner(s) of those materials, right now I am only citing those pictures/clips solely as a reference and for demonstrative purpose only;
2. in Taiwan, there is a big grey area in talking about porn, it is a democratic country but with limited freedom, the law sucks in terms of dealing with this particular issue. There are a few laws that are very loosely talking about sexually explicit materials, yet the police can almost interpret that in any way that they want and arrest people based on those “laws”.

I understand that at least one of the laws is trying to prohibit child pornography, which I do support this law as child porn is wrong, but the actual execution by the police is questionable most of the times. One of the common examples is that if whoever is talking/showing about pornographic material(s) on a website or forum, and the Taiwanese police believe those are sexually arousal materials in any form (again police can interpret whatever they want) and children out there may be able to link to that webpage, then they can make the case by arresting that person by tracing the IP address, because he/she provided this materials on a public area/website/forum that “any” children can access.

There is a huge debate about this law on the web in Taiwan for a long time, and sadly nothing is going to change any time soon. As a result, I do censor all the pictures, just to reduce any possible chances for the police to make their case.

More to come.

3PM’s site is  but don’t forget it’s in Chinese!

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