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What’s Mary Carey doing these days? (pic)

Photo taken at PSK last Tuesday by Jeremy Steele of

NL-Mary and i used to be really good friends, but over the last couple years she rarely answers my e-mails and doesn’t return my phone calls. The only time she has e-mailed me was to ask me to do something for her. And then when I said I would she doesn’t follow through with it. So I am guessing she pretty much dumped me, lol.

I watched an outtake from VH1 Celebrity Rehab 2 and Mary returned to talk to the new cast. She told them that she doesn’t do porn anymore because it made her too depressed. She does a lot of appearances around alcohol and is good most of the time. She doesn’t take Zanax anymore, but she occasionally has a glass of wine. Mary says she was very fragile when she entered Rehab ( on Celebrity Rehab’s first season), like a raw egg. She says now she is less fragile, like a hard boiled egg. She says she is 60% better.

I’m happy if you are happy Mary. And I do miss you.

The clip is here if you want to watch it

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