What’s the best time to have sex?

No one needs an excuse to have sex. You can get it at any time of the day, you know. Sex is just that, sex, and it feels good any time. But what if I told you there are certain times of the day when sex feels even better? That’s right. I have a feeling this is going to be a total game changer for sure. ThePornDude has prepared the best times to jump between the sheets for you. Have better orgasms, have sex longer by merely rearranging your schedule. Let’s have some fun now, shall we?

In the morning

You may have noticed that men wake up in the morning with one hell of an erection, haven’t you? Men, your bodies were merely made for morning sex. To start with, testosterone levels are high in the morning. Besides, having sex with your partner in the morning will help the two of you bond for the rest of the day. Not a wrong way to start your day either, is it?

Let me talk to the ladies; you have noted that your man has an erection in the morning, why make him wait the whole day when you can set an alarm 10 minutes before your usual waking time and enjoy that early morning romp? It is actually more enjoyable. According to research, women tend to be more tired at night as they age, and more often than not, evening sex is not on their agenda. It only makes sense that a crack of dawn romp is even more desirable. If you thought of sex as an exclusively nighttime activity, it is time to challenge your thinking.

After working out

Forget anything you may have heard about sex and working out for a moment, the post work out glow and the feel-good factor that comes after 30 minutes of exercise presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy sex. Studies have shown that blood flows to women’s genitals 169% more after a 20-minute workout. They are hornier, so to speak.

Add that to the fact that you have a better shape after working out and any lingering doubts you may have had are left on the bedroom door. Your natural desire will be at its peak after that visit to the gym or that running session.

After a bad day

Many people (especially men) make beer their companion when they want to shake off a stressful day at the office. I have some good news for such men; sex is a healthier option. According to research, having sex, or even the slightest show of affection like holding hands, can significantly lower stress levels for days. Better yet, you can work those frustrations and channel that energy in bed, which will make you more passionate and enthusiastic.

As long as your partner is not the cause of stress, angry sex can actually be red hot. You need to try it if you haven’t already.

After a scary experience

Another good time to get busy in the sheets is after you’ve had a scary experience. I’m talking about experiences like zip lining, a roller coaster ride or after watching a horror movie. Let me explain: when you are scared, adrenaline levels are pumped all the way high and naturally, you are aroused, and your sexual response is shooting through the roof.

Watching a scary movie together, or taking that rollercoaster ride will help you bond and increase the amount of attraction between you and your partner and the sex immediately after a scary experience together is usually the best. Try it.

In the afternoon

Imagine being seated in the office on a Wednesday and realizing its only 2:00 pm. How boring is that? Some good news; scientists have established a therapeutic value of sex as a stress reliever. How about you sneak for an afternoon quickie? For one, it will be secretive and naughty, meaning you will have pushed yourself out of that comfort zone, making the romp even more erotic. Having sex when you should be doing your work sounds appealing, just make sure you don’t take a nap on your desk and get your ass sacked as a result.

Bed time

Preferably between 8 and 11 pm. Having sex at this time makes sense for all the wrong reasons; for one, you are tired as fuck after a long day, and all you are thinking about is how you will plant that head in the pillow for hours on end. Been there, done that so I totally understand. However, did you know that sex can actually make you sleep better? Sex is like a drug and sets off certain chemicals in your brain that create euphoria of sorts. After that romp, you will sleep as if you have been sedated. Next time you are in bed, and your partner pushes against your member, do yourself a favor and push back. It will set you up for a peaceful night.


It doesn’t matter how you look at it, sex in the morning beats any other sex. ThePornDude would obviously never recommend you waste an opportunity for a romp in the sack any time of the day, but nothing beats starting off your day with an orgasm, and if there is, I must have missed the memo.

Whatever time you choose, the clock is already ticking.

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