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What’s The Truth About Angel Rain?

I email Derek: “Angel Rain has gotten some bad press. Stoney Curtis ripped her, etc. What’s the story on this girl? If you represent her, you must believe in her?”

Derek responds:

I do, Stoney is entitled to his comments, though I did write him and question his remarks about her ‘bolt on tits’.

It did seem strange that the head of the company was so far removed from production he did not know what girls were hired for his movies. If he did not want large tits, why hire Angel Rain?, would be an obvious question. (Particularly as this seems to be the feature about Angel that is most appealing to producers.)

Another producer shot her just prior to Stoney and though he did also comment that she was quiet, he also said she’s so damn hot I gotta shoot her again and hired her two more times.

I think Stoney oversteps the mark on this one.

Girls flake all the time, or show up so high they cannot focus or complete the scene. I would rate this worse than Angel who showed up on time, with correct paperwork, was ready to shoot, had ‘bolt on tits’ clearly pictured on the LADirect website at time of hiring, and was not willing to suck a dick to help male talent get hard apparently. Not helpful, I agree, but also far from the first time we have heard that.

Angel came out to L.A. from Los Angeles. She doesn’t talk much except to herself. She’s done about ten scenes. She’s been sent home from about ten sets.

Angel says she can’t swim in the ocean because her breast implants attract sharks. She claims to have a micro-chip in her breasts.

Angel’s stunning but she seems to have an IQ of 80. She’s from Baltimore. Somebody brought her out here. She has a pimp from there.

When you ask Angel a question, she’ll often answer a different one. It’s as though she’s had a lobotomy, or had her personality beaten out of her.

Sometimes producers have had to hold up signs to help her with dialogue.

I don’t believe she has a drug problem.

She acquiesces to your demands easily. She just doesn’t understand a lot of things. She doesn’t seem to have the mental acuity to know what’s going on. That makes thing awkward.

When Angel Rain walks into a room, everyone stops. She’s hot.

She’s like someone’s pet. She’s quiet. She does what she’s told. She sits there.

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