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What’s Ty Gonty’s Newest Scheme?

OP/ED by me

You remember Ty Gonty from Hellhouse, HellHouse Media, the adult pornography company that took investors money and skipped out on the repayments, right?

Well he is advertising his new business venture

At Ty Gonty is going to help you with your web development, marketing and promotion.

If you look through the whole website, there is no mention of his name. Guessing Ty Gonty doesn’t want to be googled because what comes up are all those stories on LIB about what a deadbeat he is, all the people he ripped off,  the money he owes and the judgments and lawsuits!

Of course it doesn’t take much detective work to figure out this new venture is his. We know that Ty Gonty owns T&H Northwestern, LLC, & now we know that  T&H Northwestern is who owns the website domain address

We also have a cell number that is publiclly listed on Ty’s site 206.818.9549 that tracks back to the Seattle Washington area. My guess is that he never even left the state…

If you are looking for him for an outstanding judgement, that phone number would probably be a good place to start. Or you can contact him at the email on the site [email protected] is a link from Mr Marketing, and it offers help with your social media, marketing and promotion where you can buy Twitter followers, YouTube Views and Google Votes.

Somehow I just don’t believe these misspelled promises-

Is American Ty’s second language? j/k  And then there are links to TY’s recently developed Android Apps, one on Medical Marijuana & one on the NW’s weather. All this is public info, you just have to have friends who give you a heads up and do the little bit of research…. Thanks F

Oh and if you want to befriend Ty on Facebook, he goes by Tyler Ray

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