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What’s Up With LFP Video?

Den, probably the most respected porn reviewer, writes on ADT:

Hustler continues to ripoff the consumer by stating on their boxcovers that they have a Behind-the-Scenes and they don’t.

Ghetto Lollipops


Log of Complaints

In this 76 minute DVD, the title credits at the end list who the 3 BTS directors are!

They should FIRE the person in charge of Quality Assurance and issue a public apology!

Another new Hustler release with Behind the Scenes listed on the box and no BTS on the disc!

ALT Corruption

This is a compilation DVD with 5 of the 6 scenes from VCA.

Messhuga posts:

Hustler had defied all expectations by putting out some top notch Flicks for 18 months or so. Now they have dropped the Ball. I was always looking forward to Joints from Van Styles but his movies always get pushed back. The only hustler releases that I’m looking forward to are the next Gaped Crusaders and the rest is just all Filler from that Company. They have a Hot Contract chick in Memphis Monroe but have only enjoyed her when Van Styles shoots her.

Astroknights posts: “Van shoots some great stuff (I need to sit through a few of his to actually get them reviewed), but I wouldn’t say that everything else is filler. Will Rider and the X-Play stuff has been darn good from what I’ve seen and some of the best barely legal stuff I’ve seen out there. Yes, it’s normally softer stuff without all the anal, etc., but Rider’s able to do it without making the action feel held back like so many other directors.”

Skronker posts:

Hustler is pretty generic stuff … volume over quality. Van’s stuff stood out for casting and personality. I think it’s funny they are comping the shit out of Joanna Angel’s scenes and she only did a few movies for them. Will Rider sort of creeps me out in his BTS stuff … but, yeah, his Barely Legal titles don’t suck. And Jerome Tanner knocked out some entertaining comedies. I just find the overall approach to be lacking in most qualities that I value in good porno … even the lamest RLD shit is harder/faster. The thing to look for is when a name director winds up there for a spell, and they all do, and does something a little weirder than the usual … But complaining that they have no quality control is pretty funny. I thought it was a given.

Dean Wormer posts: “I rented a Barely Legal dvd last year and it didn’t even have a chapter breakdown for scenes. It was like watching a vhs tape only on a dvd.”

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